We are a dynamic and inspirational Club who are truly international. We are proud of our diversity and energy in working together,
in the spirit of fellowship, for  both humanitarian and environmental challenges.

                                                                   Our vision

To serve both local and global communities, thereby improving the lives of others and developing ourselves.   


29 July   8 pm Fellowship Meeting - Trocadero Petit 


Details will be sent to members and friends of the Club.


Enter the Rotary District 2203 and Gibraltar Photo Competition to win prizes for yourself and your Club.
Entries close 30 August


How we were able to help others and work for the environment during a challenging year


Click the image below to watch the video of the people, projects, (and parties) that have made our Club so special over the last 10  years.
The recording of this fascinating webinar is now available to view. 
If you have previously visited and would like to keep in touch,
please do let us know:  secretary@marbella-guadalmina-rotary.club

You are most welcome to our in-person meetings again, but it is ESSENTIAL to let us know you are coming. 
Please email our attendance secretary on
saa@marbella-guadalmina-rotary.club, to ensure you have a place.

The Club is now cash free; payments for meals and events
need to be by credit card or bank transfer. Thank you.
Join our open Facebook group

Go to  facebook.com/RotaryClubMarbellaGuadalmina 
and select Groups on the right hand side to join.  

EndPlasticSoup worldwide initiative

Potential Members - if you wish to be considered for membership of our club, you may attend as a guest (normal meeting cost applies).
Please contact our Membership team leader, Dr Ian Kuah,

No Selling: Rotarians network and promote their businesses by showing how ethical and trustworthy they are in their engagement with Rotary.
Rotarians do not respond well to individual or group sales pitches.

Contact Us

If you would like to receive information about joining our Rotary club, contact our Membership team leader, Dr Ian Kuah.

Keep in touch with us on Twitter.


Our goal is to give effective and immediate, lasting help. As an international Club we are not only active in Marbella and the Costa del Sol, but also worldwide.

Learn more about our aid projects.    Please visit HERE to make a difference as a sponsor.  


Club Meetings

Are you a member of another Rotary Club?

You are welcome to join our meetings, but must let us know in advance, to help organise the catering. 

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