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Zoom meeting: Mark Brown on "Hearts and Minds Open Forever"

Zoom meeting: Mark Brown on "Hearts and Minds Open Forever"

Thursday, 3. September 2020 - 14:30

The Zoom meeting will start at 2.30 pm.
At 3.30, Mark Brown, CEO of the Dolphin Index Organisation will be talking on "Hearts and Minds Open Forever". Reign of Covid-19: This is an unprecedented opportunity to rethink our beliefs, values and institutions. We can create a world that works for everyone or face a future that no longer works for anyone. 

Mark Brown is a thought leader on ‘open thinking’, creativity and innovation.
He is MD of the Dolphin Index Organization.
Mark is the creator of the Dolphin Index, a research questionnaire that assesses whether an organization’s climate and culture are conducive to creativity and innovation. He and his team are currently growing an international database that will compare countries and industry sectors 
He is a practical academic, researcher, consultant, author of several books including The Dinosaur Strain (for a free electronic copy go and creator of the multiple award winning Ideas into Action video series
In 1996 Mark he was appointed PWC Visiting Professor of Innovation at Henley Management College, UK.
He has a law degree from Bristol University, is qualified as a Barrister-at-Law (Inner Temple, London), studied psychology and tutored masters students in educational psychology at London University and has been an External Examiner for the MBA at the UK’s Open University. He was appointed as the PWC Visiting Professor of Innovation at Henley Management College (1996-2001) and remained as Visiting Professor until 2006.

He has written numerous articles for journals and magazines including Management Today, Psychology Today (UK), the Literary Review and the Creativity and Innovation Yearbook. He has been interviewed and broadcast on
numerous national and international BBC radio programmes, with extensive local radio coverage along with UK TV appearances.
Other books include:
• Memory Matters
• Left Handed:Right Handed
Mark has advised, consulted, and presented to numerous business and academic audiences around the world about how to create more creative and innovative individuals, teams and organizations including Apple, Barclays, IBM, GSK, Nestlé, Johnson and Johnson, Marks and Spencer, the Economist Conferences, Hong Kong Management Association, Management Centre Europe, the Middle East Management Centre and Reed Elsevier.

His passion revolves around helping people be more open and creative. His long-term ambition is to become a dolphin, not a dinosaur.