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Workshop on "reducing plastics" project

Workshop on "reducing plastics" project

Thursday, 24. January 2019 - 14:00

17th January 2019 at 2pm - Restarant Hacienda in Los Naranjos
Discussion / Brainstorming workshop on how to reduce our own use of plastics and encourage others to do the same
"Its not plastic, its you!"

  • Bring one idea about how you could replace a plastic item in your life with something more sustainable - think about "What is one thing I have stopped/started to do that helps to clean up my environment at home /community" that you could bring to the meeting
  • Bring an idea for  projects that RCMG can undertake locally that will have an impact.
  • The workshop will be after lunch at our club meeting at Los Naranjos on Thursday at 2.00 pm - the usual time.  Please advise Linda ( as soon as possible if you are attending, since places are limited.