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Visit to Rabat Rotary Club 3rd-6th April

Visit to Rabat Rotary Club 3rd-6th April

Sunday, 3. April 2016 (All day)

We plan to travel there on Sunday 3rd April and return on Wednesday 6th April so that our club members have 2 days to explore the interesting sights of the capital city of Morocco.

Des and several other members are willing to take their own cars so we can drive easily in a convoy for the 2 hour 40 minute drive from the ferry boat in Tangier down to Rabat. If we have more people than there are spaces in cars, Tony can organise a bus.  Des will organise hotels etc.
Rabat is a very interesting city to visit as it's the capital of Morocco where the Government and the King's Palace is. It also has a great Medina and lots of old historic areas to visit. In addition our club will be able to start making a connection to the oldest Rotary Club in Moroccco's capital city. We will be connecting with Rotarians in Africa who are geographically close to us here in Marbella. The Rabat Club really want to make a connection with us and they are very welcoming Rotarians!

Des Sparkes will be sending round more information but if you have any queries now contact him on