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Special Lunch - Priority for members

Special Lunch - Priority for members

Thursday, 29. September 2016 - 14:00

Past President Paul Church has a significant birthday this month and in order to celebrate with fellow members, he has offered to sponsor our lunch on September 29th. It will be a superior meal with canapes followed by 3 full courses and wines. Members will still pay euros 22 ( Guests 35 ) and  all funds will go to our Club Charity Account. We are inviting both Nina and Graciela as well as some of our prior sponsors.

Because it is a special meal, Ramiro needs to know numbers in advance and has a limit of 36 which is about the maximum we can seat in comfort. Ramiro needs to get in supplies so he needs 48 hours notice of numbers and will not be able to cater for more than the number given to him.

It is important that members do let Lizzie know if they are coming. We want to give priority to Members, over any guests, so please advise if you are coming as soon as possible. 

Please email our Sergeant at Arms, Lizzie Marriage  lizzie@marriagewedding to let her know if you are planning to come ( And yes, you can book a wedding at the same time if you wish!)