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Speaker - Percy Roland - Speak to Persuade

Speaker - Percy Roland - Speak to Persuade

Thursday, 11. October 2018 - 14:00

For many people, the mere thought of speaking in public is more terrifying than a visit to the dentist, and yet it is an essential part of most of our professional lives, and often our private lives too! Like any other skill, it can be learnt, improved, and above all, enjoyed, with the help of regular practice and feedback from other speakers.

When Percy Roland first stumbled into a Toastmasters meeting over 12 years ago, little did he know how much it would change his life. Not only did he meet fascinating people from all walks of life, made friends all over Europe, and developed public speaking skills he never knew he had: Toastmasters also helped him practice skills that turned out to be extremely useful in his professional life as a luxury real estate agent.  What began as a hobby turned into a professional sideline, training individuals as well as businesses and schools in public speaking and debating skills.

He has given international keynotes on the communication secrets in real estate and workshops on debating and other public speaking subjects. In addition, Percy holds multiple prizes in public speaking competitions, such as 1st prize in Table Topics (improvised speeches) in 2015 for Toastmasters District 59 (Southwest Europe), the highest prize available in this category. He also came 3rd in the same contest in 2014, as well as winning multiple contests in other disciplines such as Humorous Speaking.  Percy will talk about Toastmasters and how public speaking can change our world.