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Simon John talking about Child Slavery

Simon John talking about Child Slavery

Thursday, 20. October 2016 - 14:00

With 46M (yes million) slaves worldwide (1/3 of them children), this is a huge subject and I'm only going to scratch the surface next week so three things might serve as an introduction to members who are interested.

1.  There is a very helpful Rotary Action Group ("RAG") on the issue. Its website is at

2.   In case anyone had time to have a quick look there is a video of a very powerful talk by photojournalist Lisa Kristine in Maui at a TED conference on slavery at
It is powerful and compelling in case anyone wanted (before or after my talk) to see it for background. Lisa is a photojournalist of indigenous people all over the world who visited Ghana, The Congo, Nepal and other countries and hauntingly photographed slaves.

3. Finally, starting this Monday 17th October Nottingham University is running a free 4 week course on slavery - "Ending Slavery......learn what can be done" : anyone can register and attend (free, online for an hour a week 7:30pm Spanish time) at  

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