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Ignacio Jauregui will do a talk on Picasso.

Ignacio Jauregui will do a talk on Picasso.

Thursday, 2. June 2016 - 14:00

José María Luna is the director of Fundación Picasso Casa Natal, that is, the birth house of the artist in Plaza de la Merced, its documentation centre and the collection of graphic works by Picasso exhibited in different arrangements through the year in a small venue next to the house (and in exhibitions all around the world).
Now, since last year, Fundación Picasso (a 25 year old institution) has dramatically grown to become a Public Agency in charge of not only the Birth House, but of both international museum branches recently opened in Málaga: the Centre Pompidou and the Collection of the Russian Museum St Petersburg/Málaga, with Mr Luna always steering the wheel as, now, Agency Director.

I have joined his team after this expansion, and it is precisely about the process of opening new museums and making them work together to, as saying goes, put Málaga in the map, that I’m ready to speak.
The cultural development of the city in a few years is a remarkable feature worth explaining, in my opinion.