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Ideas for Service Projects - Bring Your Own

Ideas for Service Projects - Bring Your Own

Thursday, 19. July 2018 - 14:00

We encourage club members to submit ideas for service projects.  Please bring an outline of any ideas you have, so we can discuss them all.
To help us compare, the outline should follow this format.    You can download the format here:
Name of project:

What other club or organisation is involved?

Is there a specific timeframe for it?

What problem will it help to solve?  What are the benefits?

How can we check if the project is effective?

How much money or how many service hours? Estimate

Does it fit with a Rotary area of interest?
1. Promoting Peace
2. Fighting Disease
3. Providing clean water
4. Maternal & Child Health
5. Literacy & Basic Education
6. Economic & Community Development 
There are also some projects from SPT on the table already, which we can discuss and prioritise.