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Fundraising Mountain Walk 2015

Fundraising Mountain Walk 2015

Saturday, 17. October 2015 - 8:30

Charity Mountain Walk Supporting Hogar Betania in La Linea and Ser Humano in Marbella           

There is a choice of 3 walks, all starting from Refugio de Juanar and ending with lunch there at 14.30. There are different registration times for each walk, varying from 08.30 to 11.00.
It is important to let us know you are coming and essential to book for lunch. Email Jordi Sanchez:

1. Conquer La Concha – Hiking Adventure to the Summit

 Imagine  the exhilaration of standing at the top of Marbella’s iconic mountain, 1200 m above sea level. You are in a different world, with breath-taking views all round – North Africa, Gibraltar, Estepona and Fuengirola.
Join our guided hike to the top and achieve the summit of success.
For the fit and properly equipped, (see below)  5 1/2 hour round trip.
Registration  0830 for an 0900 start


  2. Walk to Ojen

This is a downhill walk all the way, but you will still need walking boots or very sturdy trainers. Please see 'what do I need to wear or bring?' below.
Enjoy the mountain air, a chance to escape into nature, and a sense of achievement.
3 hours approx, bus back to the Refugio. Registration 1000.


3. Fantastic views around Ojen from the Mirador del Corzo

Walk and talk with friends and family.  Enjoy the peace and calm of a day in nature.
2 hour round trip maximum. Easy walking on a path, some steps up to the Mirador at the end.
Registration 1100.

All walks start and finish at the Refugio de Juanar, where lunch will be served at 1430.
HOTEL REFUGIO DE JUANAR.  Sierra Blanca, s/n. 29610.  Tllfno: + 34 952 881 000

Our Intrepid Leaders:          

James 'The Major' Fox  Martin 'Mountain Goat' Hall Gwen 'Gazelle' Howe

  What to do next:

1. Make a realistic estimate of your fitness level, and then choose one of the walks.   The Concha ascent will involve some rough climbing where you will need to use your hands.
2.  Do not worry if you change your mind on the day, you can join any one of other walks, as long as you register on time.
3.  Let us know your intention to participate and which walk you think you might like to try
4. Involve your friends in either sponsoring you, or joining the fun on the day.

What do I need to wear or bring?

1.Conquer la Concha -   Good, hard soled ankle boots; thin gloves to protect hands when climbing, loose clothing so as not to overheat.  Small sunhat and sun glasses, small pack containing water, confectionery bar, light anorak with hood in case of rain or mist.   Camera - The views are fantastic!   Mobile phone.

2 Walk to Ojen       Good walking boots or very sturdy trainers.    Loose clothing [as above] - anorak if the weather is changeable. Sunhat and sunglasses.  Carry some water, a camera and/or mobile phone

3.Mirador del Corzo       Good trainers, (all the walking will be on paths.) Loose clothing [as above] - Anorak if the weather is changeable. Sunhat and sunglasses.  Carry some water, a camera and/or mobile phone


1.     La Concha           5 to 5.5 hours         registration       0830  set off     0900
2.     Walk to Ojen        3 to 4 hours            registration      10.00  set off     10.30
3.     Mirador del Corzo        2 hours          registration      11.00  set off     11.30
4.     Lunch   (optional extra)  approx.             14.30   (you must book for lunch)   


Conquer La Concha:  Registration 25 EUR, lunch 25 EUR and we would ask for an additional donation for helping you get to the top.
Walk to Ojen and Mirador del Corzo: Registration 25 EUR, lunch 25 EUR

CONTACT:  Jordi Sanchez

Why are we supporting Hogar Betania in La Linea?
La Linea is one of the poorest areas in Spain, and has an increasing problem with homelessness of men, women and children.  For several years Begoña Arana Álvarez has run a hostel there, but now has a larger building, a disused old people’s home.  It requires a great deal of renovation and Rotary Club Marbella Guadalmina is amongst those helping to supply materials – fences, gates, doors, kitchen equipment etc.     See her work here:
Begoña is an extraordinary person who has been nominated for the Rotary Humanitarian Award 2014. She is being sponsored for this award by Rotary Club Marbella-Guadalmina

Our support for Ser Humano - yes - there are poor people in Marbella
For several years Ser Humano has been providing hot meals daily to elderly and disabled people in the Marbella area, many of whom would have a poor diet otherwise. The hot meals provided are 3 courses with well balanced nutrition. Over the past 2 years this charity has needed to expand its work by also providing hot meals to very poor families whose unemployment benefit has expired. The Town Hall now provides a kitchen and some funding to the charity, as well as inspecting their meals. Our club has given much practical support including helping to buy a new van and other equipment.