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Face to face meeting at Prado Halcones

Face to face meeting at Prado Halcones

Thursday, 24. March 2022 - 14:00

Details will be sent to members and friends of the Club.
Venue is Restaurant Prado Halcones, in Monte Halcones, just off the A-397 Ronda Road.
The meeting starts with drinks and fellowship at 2 pm and closes at 4 pm, although you are welcome to stay longer if you wish.
Booking for meetings and events should be sent to the Master of Ceremonies:

The Club is now cash free; payments for meals and events need to be by credit card or bank transfer. Thank you.

Covid 19: The Club has some vulnerable members.  We ask you to not attend if you have any signs of Covid, or have recently been in contact with anyone who is infected.