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Ascari Race Circuit

Ascari Race Circuit

Friday, 8. May 2015 - 11:00

Arrive at Ascari Race Circuit at 1100. (It takes at least one hour from Marbella - and there are roadworks. Directions are below)
Tour of the racecar collection before lunch
Buffet lunch in the clubhouse - all included in the cost of 45 Euro per person.

Options after lunch include

  1. Watching the Porsche Club who will also be using the track
  2. Driving on the circuit in your own car - one hour at a cost of 150 Euro. Your car will be scrutineered for safety. You will be able to borrow helmets.
  3. Hot laps in the race cars with a professional driver. Ranging from from 35 Euros per lap (Lotus Elise) through to 110 Euros per lap (in a Radical). 

Everbody agreed the last Ascari day was a great day out.


1. From Marbella, head west towards San Pedro de Alcantara. Pass Puerto Banus, and just before the San Pedro tunnel, take the slip road to the right signposted Ronda.

2. Keep going straight over two roundabouts. You will see the BMW dealer, Guarnieri, on your right at the second one Go across the next roundabout with the entrance to the toll road on your left shortly after.

3. At the third roundabout go straight on. You are now on the RONDA ROAD. From this point to Ascari is approximately 52kms. Journey time is almost one hour from here (depending on traffic) as it is a long, winding uphill mountain road. Views are spectacular!!

4.   At the top of the Ronda Road you will come to a roundabout with a small hotel on your right just before it.

5. Take the first exit to your right s/p Circumvencion. This is the Ronda bypass. It is around 2kms long and undergoing road works.

6. At the end of this road, you will see a Supersol on your right just before a set of traffic lights and a low bridge. There are roadworks going on and a temporary roundabout arrangement, so beware of traffic from the left!

7. Take the first turning to the right immediately after the bridge, signposted CAMPILLOS.

8. Stay on this road for about 7 kms. ASCARI is on this road.

9. After around 3kms, you will go over a bridge. A further 3kms on, you will go round a right hand curve, after which you be on a straight.

10. Soon after that, you will see a wire fence to your right. Slow down as the sign for ASCARI is quite small, but you will see some flags on poles to your right.

11. Turn right into the main entrance and pull up at the gate. Tell the security guard you are from the Rotary Club.

12. Enjoy!