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Water tank for a Ugandan Orphanage

Water tank for a Ugandan Orphanage

For most of us in Europe it is unacceptable to not have a consistent supply of clean water. It makes the news when the tankers and the standpipes come out during a water shortage. The importance of water is felt by its absence, so we can only begin to think what it is like for a small community that struggles with such a basic need.

Father Charles standing proudly by the tankKagadi, Hoima District in Mid Western Uganda is just such a place, but is fortunate enough to have Father Charles who looks after the physical as well as spiritual well-being of the community there. 
Club member Lizzie Marriage has known Father Charles for over 20 years, and when he approached her about the water project she proposed it to the club as our first overseas donation.A number of technical details had to be sorted out about how the pumping and storage would work, but a month after we sent the money it was installed and working. The project is looked after by the parish council with Father Charles as direct supervisor.

The water project has transformed the lives of 60 orphans, plus 250 pupils at the school, plus the surrounding community members who number 30. So altogether about 340 people have directly benefited; not to mention visiting schools that come for athletics competitions in the district, that can bring the numbers up to 2500 pupils.