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Visit to Hogar Betania

Visit to Hogar Betania

Monday, 17. November 2014 - 21:30

About 35 Rotarians, including the Nordic Rotary members,  visited Hogar Betania in La Linea on Saturday 15th November. Begona Arana welcomed us and gave us a tour of the premises.  
The outside of the buildings have been painted with impressive drawings by local artists.The perimeter fence and gate has also been finished.  It was very satisfying to witness the use of our contribution. What has been accomplished so far has been amazing. There is a teamwork spirit among all those who are contributing to this worthy project whether it is money, material, or voluntary work. The target is to finish most of the work by the time the scheduled official opening in the Spring of 2015.

They are at present feeding over 300 people a day... some who come in and take their food away and usually 120 people who eat on the premises.   Some of the bedrooms have been finished and within a short time most of the others will be completed.  6 people are already living there. What they now need is help in the provision of food to keep the centre running for the meals.They have their own food wholesalers and they are looking for donations to maintain the supplies.

We all had a very enjoyable day,  finishing with lunch at an excellent fish restaurant in La Linea.

Begona wrote afterwards: 

"It is important for me to have people like you in this project because the  work I do has forever been my dream, and now I can say that dreams come true, thanks your the effort and enthusiasm! Thank you very much for your support,"
 Arana Begoña Álvarez, Director Bethany Home

You can see other photos from the day in the gallery here: