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Update on Hogar Betania Project 15th May 2014

Update on Hogar Betania Project 15th May 2014

Einar introduced Begonia by explaining his admiration for her tireless and unselfish work for the destitute in the La Linea area- deemed to be one of the poorest in Spain. He further explained that by joint efforts and through involving other Rotary Clubs, the Hogar Betania project has demonstrated how by working together both organisations can achieve their joint goals.

Begonia, her Spanish statements being excellently translated by Sara, thanked Members for inviting her and Eva to the Meeting and for all the help received in funding much needed kitchen equipment and for ‘fencing’ contributions. She then explained her focus was now on the need for the provision of new doors, which would help towards the completion of the third stage of the project. Commenting that her objective was to ensure the basic needs and rights of the hungry homeless were respected, she explained that despite requests the project had not received any public funding. They are entirely dependent upon voluntary contributions, for which the project team has to continuously push and try for.

Responding to Ben’s question, Begonia explained that whilst there was always a need for dry food supplies, this was a relatively straight forward and achievable task, but obtaining fresh food was more problematic and normally required paying a supplier.Regarding the completion of the project, she explained that phase 2 (with the provision of a dining area, kitchen facilities and limited accommodation) should be ready by the end of September; the objective of having phase 3 and further accommodation facilities completed should be achieved by the end of this year.

Begonia then invited Members to come to the project and to see for themselves what had so far been achieved. There was an enthusiastic response from all Members present; suggestions were made that in the near future one of the Club’s regular weekly Meetings should be held at the la Linea project site and it was agreed to organise this for an appropriate date. 

Vote of Thanks
On behalf of all Members, Einar thanked Begonia and Eva taking the time to visit the Club and for her review of the progress being made with the project.
In recognition of these efforts, Einar presented Begonia with a bottle of Chateau Marbella-Guadalmina’s finest.