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Toys for El Calvario Church 2011 and 2012

Toys for El Calvario Church 2011 and 2012

Rotary Delivers Christmas toys to El Calvario Church
In the warm December sunshine of 12th December 2011 a group from the Rotary Club Marbella-Guadalmina delivered 150 new toys, collected by club members, to Father Claudio at the Santo Cristo del Calvario church in Marbella. Father Claudio distributed these toys to needy children of Marbella at a party in the church hall early in January 2012. A further 50 toys were supplied later. 
In a separate collection, Mechthild Dorn from the Club liaised with the teachers and children of the German School, providing 200 toys and 36 large bags of clothes for adults and children. 5 car loads of toys and clothes were delivered to Father Claudio before Christmas.
This charity has been providing hot meals to elderly and disabled people in Marbella for some years but is also, now, helping some needy families.  The English speaking Rotary Club has been supporting the work of both El Calvario church and Ser Humano during the past year by supplying approximately 2,400 kg of food for these charities to distribute amongst the most needy people of Marbella.

A similar collection in the winter of 2012 helped provide some of the mountain of toys, distributed during the course of an outdoor party.  Go to the photo gallery using the link above to see other photos, as well as the pizza oven we supplied, which is still doing its duty!

Rotary Club Marbella-Guadalmina delivers toys for to El Calvario Church for ‘3 Kings Day' 2013

As the sun set from a clear blue sky on 28th December, a group from the Rotary Club Marbella-Guadalmina delivered many bags and boxes of new toys, collected by the club members, to Father Claudio at the Santo
Cristo Del Calvario church in Marbella. The toys were for distribution to children of needy, local families at a party held in the church hall in early in January. 
The English-speaking Rotary club in Marbella has been supporting the charitable work of the El Calvario church for the past 2 years. The club regularly supplies dried and tinned foods and clean clothes for distribution amongst the most needy families of Marbella.
The club hopes to be able to give more help over 2013 to Father Claudio and his team of 28 volunteer workers who give food parcels to as many as 100 families each month and provide good quality, clean clothes to those in need. The church also collects money for several types of work. They pay for prescription medicines for children and old people who cannot pay the pharmacy costs and also help to repatriate some jobless and homeless
families back to their own countries.
The church and Caritas provide meeting facilities and have volunteers who advise the very needy. In 2013 Father Claudio hopes to collect funds to improve the facilities and create more efficient space to provide better services to more people.