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Stop and Help

Stop and Help

Sunday, 16. September 2012 - 21:30

By Lynda Church

DYA stands for “DÉTENTE Y AYUDA”, that is  STOP AND HELP. DYA is an ambulance service  in Marbella and San Pedro de Alcantara.  As a result of the fire in Marbella, they used up all their emergency materials such as blankets and sleeping bags.

On September 14th the Rotary Club Marbella-Guadalmina hosted a Beach Party at a local chiringuito which was attended by many members of other local and foreign Rotary clubs. Money was collected to give to the DYA Ambulance Service so that they can purchase supplies to replace those used in helping fire victims. 1050 euros was raised! This is in addition to the sum of 1,200 euros already donated by Rotary Club Marbella-Guadalmina to DYA on 6th September.