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Sponsoring Nabugabo Children

Sponsoring Nabugabo Children

Dear Mr Vystavel and all members of the Rotary Club, Marbella Guadalmina,

I am writing to extend a heartfelt “Thank You” for sponsoring Eva Nakira, Angel Nanyunga, Rachel Mirembe, Ronald Kakeeto, John Mulinwa, Rita Nakazzi, Ronald Ssempija, Gonzaga Kizza, Teo Namiju and Sarah Nakinweje to enable them to receive an education. Conditions for these children and their families are harsh by any measure and they all certainly deserve far better opportunities in their lives. Your support really has made a huge difference. Without your care, concern and collective, generous assistance these ten remarkable young people simply would not have had the opportunity to go to school.

Eva lives with her grandmother, brother and three sisters in Bukumbula village which lies 3.7 kms from the Learning Centre. Eva is an orphan; she is probably 5 years old but, like so many others, her grandmother is uncertain of her age and no records are available. Eva is a lively youngster, enjoys school and she is always cheerful. Eva’s great ambition in life is to become a ‘Mummy’ and really look after her children. Every day after school, like all children here at Nabugabo, Eva helps her mother collect water and wood, works in the small family garden tending the crops, helps prepares the evening meal, washes the dishes … and then she does the homework.
Angel lives with her grandmother and two sisters in Kayugi village which lies 2.7 kms from the Learning Centre. It is uncertain where Angel’s parents are. Angel is 6 years old and she really does throw herself into each school activity with great enthusiasm. Angel’s ambition is to become a Nurse. Rachel lives with her mother, brother and sister in BBale village which lies 1.5 kms from the Learning Centre. Rachel is 5 years old; she is often quiet and withdrawn but she feels safe and always tries her best. Rachel’s ambition is to become a teacher.

Ronald K. lives with his grandmother, sister and two sisters in Bukumbula village. Ronald is 5 years old. Ronald is quiet and shy but a willing student who always tries his best. His ambition is to become a farmer like his grandmother.
John lives with alone with mother in Bukumbula village. John is 5 years old and very ‘bright and bubbly’ always enjoying life and friends! Ronald’s ambition is to either become a doctor and work in the ‘Big City’ or become a fisherman.
Rita lives with her grandmother, brother and two sisters in Bukumbula village. Rachel is 6 years old; she is quietly confident and she tackles all school tasks with great enthusiasm. Rachel loves playing all ball games and her ambition is to play netball for the national team when she grows up.
Ronald S. lives with his mother, father, brother and sister in Bbale village. His father is a fisherman and his mother is a farmer. Ronald is 6 years old, and he says, quite honestly, “I prefer to play football rather than do my homework!” However, Ronald is a keen student in school and his ambition is to become a teacher in the day and a fisherman at night.
Gonzaga lives with his mother, father and sister in Bukumbula village. Both his mother and father are subsistence farmers. Gongaza is just 5 years old cheerful and confident. His ambition is to become a taxi driver and mechanic.
Teo lives with his grandmother, brother and sister in Kayugi village. His father is a fisherman and his mother is a farmer Teo is 5 years old and he loves school … he is always one of the first to arrive at school at around 7:00am! Teo’s ambition is to become a boda-boda (motorcycle taxi) driver because he, “likes going fast!”
Sarah lives with her grandmother, brother and sister in Bukumbula village. Rachel is 6 years old. she is often quiet and withdrawn but she feels safe and always tries her best. Rachel loves animals and her ambition when she grows up is to have lots cows, goats and chickens and to be a farmer like her grandmother.
Conditions for children here are hard. One in every five children is malnourished; malaria and typhoid are rife. Almost every day at least one child arrives with a raging fever. The nearest clinic (7 kilometres away) is under-resourced, under-staffed and medicines too expensive to afford for most families here.

Drinking water in Nabugabo

 Six of the ten children you have sponsored live with their Grandmothers/guardians as do almost half of all the children enrolled at the school. Seven children, like Rachel and John, have lost their fathers and live  alone with their mothers.
Most children walk between 7-14 kms (to and from school) and virtually all children arrive at the Learning Centre, eager for a busy day, way before 08:00 when school begins to then return home for a different set of challenges helping their parent(s)/ grandmother, brothers and/or sisters look after the small family subsistence garden to grow crops, tend animals, collect water and firework, wash clothes/dishes, help prepare the evening meal … and then work on their homework.

Thank you for giving ten children a great head start in life. Your sponsorship provides them with a safe and comfortable ‘second home’ at the Learning Centre supported by loving teachers and good learning resources in comparison to most schools within Masaka District. You have provided the children with a uniform, shoes, exercise books, a solid meal each day, and basic health care, in addition to a caring learning environment where everyone really does look after one another.
On behalf of all the children, NCLC staff (Jesicca Nabukeera, Pauline Nassozi, Stella Namatovu & Justine Mutebi), their parents/grandmothers, and the entire Nabugabo Community, “Thank you so, so much” for making such a generous, positive and significant impact upon so many young people’s lives.
Naturally, there remains an open invitation for all members of the Rotary Club M.G. to visit your new second home here in Uganda where the doors will always be open and an exceptionally warm welcome guaranteed.
With most sincere thanks and warmest regards from the Nabugabo lakeshore, Uganda.

Dave Batten for the Nabugabo Community Development Association and the Learning Center.

Update 2014: Reports on our sponsored children

David Batten has sent us a short report on each child and their progress at school. These can be seen on the Members Section of the website / Documents / Service Projects Team.