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Service Projects for the Year 2021-22

Service Projects for the Year 2021-22

Proposed Projects 

Home of Hope for Girls

To end child trafficking in South Africa and the culture of exploitation and violence which robs children of their future ;
To restore safety, dignity and opportunity to those who have survived abuse.
Home of Hope for Girls provides a safe residence to children and teens facing abusive situations, predominantly linked to child sex trafficking.  Offering compassion and acceptance, we are firm in our belief that a girl's background does not define her future, and that given the chance she has the potential to lead her community.

Details of proposed project in Narok County Kenya

The Club, in association with Marbella East and/or Marlow clubs, will hopefully support a project in Narok, Kenya that will provide the Oldonyo Orasha community which has a population of some 2000 people, with a well to provide fresh sanitary water for their community. At present they are reliant upon a small spring 5 kilometers from their village to supply all their needs. The water is not particularly clean but it is all they have.

The ground work for the project has been carried out in Narok by David Nkuito Masai who established his own foundation named The Nairoshi Foundation that has already helped to raise funds for another local project Building Hope Academy, that has constructed a school for the local community.

3-56-26.mp4 The embedded video features David Nkuito showing the location for the proposed well for which the preliminary investigative work has been carried out. The next step is to drill the borehole and the attached quotation from Geo-Sensing Water Services indicates the cost for this operation and the next phase which will be the provision of a solar powered pump complete with solar panels and support structure at an estimated total cost of KES 2.6m equating to approximately €20,500 or £17,500. Authorisation to the borehole has already been granted.

As an international project we intend to invite Narok Rotary Club to be involved at the local level and they in turn will hopefully involve at least one club in Nairobi. With a minimum investment by the participating clubs of €10,250/£8,750 it is our intention that Narok Rotary Club apply for a District Grant to match the club investments and provide the balance of the project cost.
A donor in the UK will provide any shortfall in the contribution from the clubs to ensure that a minimum of 50% of the cost can be deposited with Narok Rotary Club to match their District Grant. Narok Rotary will be responsible for due diligence and disbursement of funds raised.
We are in the process of obtaining the required support from Narok Rotary Club who are aware of our involvement and the project.