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Service Projects for the year 20-21

Service Projects for the year 20-21

An illustrated booklet of the final projects can be seen on ISSUHUB    

The text below was the proposal put forward by the Service Projects Team at the start of the year, but was modified slightly since the Covid 19 pandemic restricted fundraising.

Many of these are organisations we have worked with in the past year and we will continue working as they are doing a tremendous work, although the type of support they need may change. This year the funds allocation percentage of local projects will be up to 90% and for the international at only 10%. Due to COVID 19 our focus will be more on helping the community we are living in.

LOCAL Projects suggested for this year include:

1. Aspandem – 1600 Euros (Multifuncional Bed)
2. Fundatul – 500 Euros (Video Projector)
3. Age Concern – 500 Euros
4. Collective Calling – 500 Euros (This Year) 500 Euros (Next Year)
5. Hogar Betania -1000 Euros (Additional 1000 Euros from Emergency Fund)
6. Inserta Andalucia – 2500 Euros (Expenses for a Child for 6 Months)
7. Alzheimer Charity. (ADSI - Alzheimer & Dementia support International as opposed to the Spanish AFA) – 500 Euros
8. Saint Georges Charity – 500 Euros
9. Las Lagunillas Charity – 500 Euros
10. Ciudad de Los Niños – 500 Euros (This Year) 500 Euros (Next Year)
11. ADAS Caritas – 500 Euros ( Buying Food Related to COVID 19)
12.Caritas Virgen de Rocio – 500 Euros (Buying Food Relate to COVID 19)

The international Projects are:

1. School Material for Children in Medellín – 1500 Euro
2. Dental Mavericks – 1000 Euro
3. Toilets for women in Ethiopia – 1000 Euros

                                                     Total of 15.100 Euros

Other projects which can be done in collaboration with other clubs, we are open to new suggestions and there will be new project proposals from our members or other clubs, where we will be happy to consider and help if they comply with our club's rules and due diligence.

Suggestions from Members are welcome at any time. In addition we will be happy to work on international and local projects with other Rotary Clubs on COSTA DEL SOL.

With Best Regards,
Robert Cazan, SPT Leader