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Service Projects being considered for the Rotary Year 2019-20

Service Projects being considered for the Rotary Year 2019-20

September 2019
The Service Projects Team has created a list of projects to be considered for the coming year. They are all subject to approval by the Board and voting by members - and where necessary, due diligence.
In addition, visits to the charities will be made where possible.
Many of these are organisations we have worked with in the past, although the type of support they need may change.  You can see a review of the projects from previous years by clicking the links below.
Rotary Year 2018-19
Rotary Year 2017-18
LOCAL Projects suggested for this year include:
1. Aspandem 
2. Fundatul
3. Age Concern 
4. Collective Calling
5.  Hogar Betania
6. Local Football Team (Marbella)
7. Mundo Infantil 
8. Alzheimer Charity. (ADSI - Alzheimer & Dementia support International as opposed to the Spanish AFA)
9. Triple A
10. Butterfly children

The international Projects are:
1. Monsalvat - Alessandro in charge of the project, member of RC Marbella.
2. School Material for Children in Medellín.
3. Dental Mavericks
4. Training Doctors from Gaza in Israel - an ongoing grant application
5. Zanzibar - awaiting more specific details
6. Toilets for women in Ethiopia.
7. Mary's Meals - tackling child hunger in a range of countries

Suggestions from Members are welcome.  In addition, SPT will  get in touch with other RC clubs on Costa del Sol in order to see if we can work together on a local/ international project.
Robert Cazan,
Team Leader SPT