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Service Projects 2018-19

Service Projects 2018-19

The year started with emergency aid to Majorca and Ronda to help with the aftermath of the flooding.  Later in the year there was also help for Honduras Disaster Relief.

We continued with support for local charities Fundatul, Aspandem and Hogar Betania, and they are well established and do great work.  In addition we donated 6000€ to a local Alzheimer's Charity - AFA Alzheimers, by orgnaising a Guiness World Record Beetle Game.  You can read the full story on the Rotary International Blog and watch the video of the event here

We collaborated with other Clubs to produce an animal Calendar for local charites that work with abandoned street animals, and with RC Marbella in a Football project, to help local children in deprived areas.
We continued with Monsalvat for Asia and backpacks for children in medellin, as well as Dental Mavericks, looking after the dental health of refugees in the Bekaa Valley.  The training of Palestinian doctors in Israel ( a project that in educational, humanitarian and contributes to peace) became the subject of a Global Grant - albeint not yet finalised at the time of writing in Spetember 2019.

Many Club members becme invovled in the project to reduce single use plastics, contributing to a Facebook group  and creating a one day event to raise awareness in Marbella.

More details and lots of pictures can be found in the online booklet, which you can read here.