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Service projects in 2017-18

Service projects in 2017-18

During this Rotary Year we continued to support local charities - Fundatul, Acepsa, Aspandem and Hogar Betania.
Further afield we helped Enlace Etiopia and Monsalvat for Asia - both projects were to enable girls to attend school more regularly by ensuring they had toilet facilities and ways of maintaing female hygiene.
Similalry, a spin-off from the Global Grant of the previous year (for teaching mediation in schools in Colombia) discovered that some children couldnot attend school becuase they could not afford school materials. We donated enough money for 210 children in Medellin to attend school for a year.

We continued the theme of looking after children (abd also educating adults) by supporting the work of Dental Mavericks in remote areas of Morocco and in Lebanon, supplying dental equipment and fluoride to help protect their teeth. We also donated money to a unique project, whereby Palestinian Doctors were able to come to Israel for training. Not only did this help savelives in Palestine; it also contributes to greater understanding between the two sides.
Finally we helped transform the life of Mikey, a paralysed little boy, by helping to buy communicaton equipment.

You can read a summary of all these projects, with images, in our online booklet: