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Rotary Today and Tomorrow, by District Governor Graciela

Rotary Today and Tomorrow, by District Governor Graciela

Monday, 3. February 2014 - 23:45

By Laurie Taylor

At a well attended meeting on 30th January, District Governor Graziela Waen gave a charismatic talk, challenging Members to consider how, as Rotarians, we deal with life’s problems; we see ourselves and we see our Rotary Club?

Taking the Rotary wheel as inspiration, she helped her audience to draw up a cocktail of words which would most describe the ethos and role of Rotary, but then focused on the key areas of Ethics- without ethics all else is wasted! And Service- personally make a difference by giving your time and expertise to help those in need.

Graciela emphasised that Rotarians must look to the future as well  as the present- not only working to alleviate short term needs but also to help change the attitudes and capabilities of those less fortunate, so that they can be helped to achieve worthwhile lives and then in turn help others.  Issuing a challenge for all of us to become true Rotarians, Graciela specifically highlighted the plight of young, unemployed Spaniards and appealed to Club Members to give both their time and professional expertise to help this lost generation towards a secure and dignified future. She highlighted that whilst Charles Dickens wrote about poverty and destitution, shortly after, Paul Harris was taking steps to tackle it and asked Members to follow the example of the founder of Rotary.

Einar thanked Graciela on behalf of the Meeting for her inspirational address and her emphasis on service before self. Presenting her with a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of Club  wine in gratitude for all her efforts on behalf of the Club, he confirmed that with her help the Club will continue to grow and prosper. Einar concluded that, following Graciela’s visit, the theme of the Club during the remainder of his tenure will be:
‘Engage with Rotary, change your life and the life of others: The Club should be your Family!’