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RC Marbella-Guadalmina joins the Rotary effort for emergency aid

RC Marbella-Guadalmina joins the Rotary effort for emergency aid

Saturday, 23. November 2013 - 19:15

Treasurer Johan Vystavel has confirmed RC Marbella Guadalmina has donated a total of $5400 to Rotary partner Shelterbox to help both in the Philippines, and displaced Syrian refugees. The money was raised by the Summer party, matched by the Club's account, and the Board voted to use some of the Emergency Fund for a much needed fast response.

Rotary clubs around the world are pledging emergency aid to communities in central Philippines after last week’s massive typhoon flattened entire coastal towns and villages, killed thousands of people, and displaced nearly 600,000 more.  The situation remains dire as widespread destruction has made food, water, and medicine scarce in remote areas affected by Typhoon Haiyan, the strongest storm to make landfall on record.

Rotary President Ron Burton is urging our 34,000 clubs worldwide to continue to assist storm victims.

"I know we all want to help. I am urging our clubs to take action to provide emergency aid now and begin planning for the future when we can help rebuild homes, schools, and businesses," says Burton. "We are in the business of helping people in need."  
Rotary partner ShelterBox has committed aid for 4,000 families in the form of emergency shelter and other relief assistance.  Such disasters are “exactly why we entered into our partnership with ShelterBox,” says Burton. “It gives Rotary members worldwide the opportunity to respond immediately and in a very meaningful way to the life-threatening conditions faced by the people of the Philippines.”