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Please visit HERE to make a difference as a Sponsor

Please visit HERE to make a difference as a Sponsor

Rotary Sponsorship Opportunities for Organisations

Join us in a united vision and purpose; together we can make a real impact.      
Rotary is one of the best known and respected volunteer organisations of business and professional people; it is non-political and open to every race, colour and creed. We help feed the poor and hungry locally and internationally, give aid after disasters, and contribute to multi-national campaigns such as those to eradicate polio. Rotary gives material aid rather than financial aid, where possible. Rotary is also the largest private provider of international scholarships.

Since our club started, we have raised over 70,000 Euros and donated in Spain and abroad.

While helping others you can connect with prospective customers – it’s a win-win situation.
By joining with us you can effectively help those in need, increase your visibility and awareness in the local expatriate community, as we are an English speaking club. You will be linking your company and brand with a respected international institution; building your profile within a positive ethical and charitable framework of corporate citizenship.

What will you get?
You can choose to sponsor a single event or be an ongoing sponsor for a period of time.
Immediately, your sponsorship will be profiled on this website, and in all materials relating to the event. A period sponsor will also have their logo on the home page.
The website is marketed to other Rotary clubs and promoted on social media; and is the perfect way to communicate your corporate citizenship. In addition you can have T shirts, banners – whatever is appropriate for the event, which will feature in all the media coverage.
So if you want to help the hungry in Marbella, sponsor African children to get clean water and proper schooling, or fund toys for disadvantaged children at Christmas, join with us. Working together, everybody benefits.

Talk to us and we will create a sponsorship package directly for you and your company.

Click here to see an example of event sponsorship
     Left to right: Clean drinking water for Nabugabo, resupplying DYA after the Marbella wildfires, some of our press coverage and helping to buy a new van for Ser Humano