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Operation Sturgeon

Operation Sturgeon

Thursday, 30. March 2017 - 12:45

"Operation Sturgeon" was successfully executed on Monday 27th March by our club members.

Last week our secretary Mark had been sent an email by a storage company offering us a huge donation of canned food, mainly fish from a local warehouse in Nueva Andalucía that was going out of business. However, the quantity was way more than we could handle by filling up our cars....over 5000 KG. This would need a military style operation to move it. Time was not on our side either, the goods had to be picked up, transported and stored on Monday morning. The day before the pickup we had arranged a storage space to be made available to us in ACEPSA. The night before the pick-up Mark arranged at very last minute for a large van and 2 drivers to be at the warehouse at 12.00 am.
Our participants were Mark Shurey, Des Sparkes, Ralph Brenk, Sabah Sawa, Martin Hall, Sofia Kim and Lorraine Powell.

11.45 am. Before our pick up started we had invited Gemma from "Collective Calling" to collect some goods for her homeless kitchen in Malaga. We quickly packed her car with 57 boxes of Mackerel in Tomato sauce...nearly 1400 tins of food which she took to feed the homeless.
12.10 pm. After figuring out how to get the door open wide enough to fit the van inside the warehouse we began loading up with boxes of fish. Mark and Ralph loaded up trolleys that Sabah and Martin wheeled to the truck. Des helped load the truck with the drivers. First up was 2 pallets of sturgeon fish followed by a pallet of sprats in oil.

12.55 approx. With time running out and the van approaching its load limit we had to finish packing. We closed the doors and raced to get to ACEPSA.

1.15 Arriving at ACEPSA the van drivers did an amazing job of manoeuvring down a tiny track and into position near the storage room. From there we were able to form a chain of people from the van to the store room. We threw boxes to each other while Ralph stacked everything. In only 45 minutes we had unloaded the van and stored an estimated 20,000 tins of fish

Our huge stash of Cod livers, Sturgeon Fish and Sprats in oil now safely stored in ACEPSA.  Over 5 tonnes of canned fish.
Finally, some tired Rotarians before a very well deserved large glass of cold beer.

Thousands of tins
Des and the van
Sabah doing some of the heavy work