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Nabugabo Community Learning Centre

Nabugabo Community Learning Centre

Dear Family Vystavel, Paul, Lorraine and all members of the Rotary Club,
Firstly thank you most sincerely for your most generous support. In total 5,000€ was raised: 2,500€ by the Rotary Club with a further 2,500€ raised by individual donations.
Rest assured, these funds will be very well invested. Charlotte Vystavel and I spent an interesting time sourcing furniture in Masaka and Nyendu. Eventually, we decided made to measure furniture would be most appropriate to allow for extended group work. Samuel Muwawu was commissioned to build a prototype which finally materialised in his Nyendu workshop the evening before we left Nabugabo. Some minor corrections need to be made. However, the construction is solid with the table and two benches accommodating 6 students. The cost of the table and two benches was 130€ which is most reasonable considering the wood and labour involved. The cost of purchasing six individual combined seats/desks would have almost doubled this cost. Allowing for small modifications (to allow childrens’ legs to fit under the table when sitting on the bench!) and using a lighter wood, the cost for one unit (a table and two benches) will be 90€. Your kind donation of 5,000€ will cover 15 units to seat up to 90 students, in three classrooms, at a cost of 1,350€.
The 3,650€ balance remaining will ensure that the classrooms are fully furnished with corner tables, shelves and cupboards. All items will be ordered, with receipts provided, as soon as a classroom roof, door and security grills are built. Wonderful!! I have attached a PDF (see below) which summarises developments in Nabugabo with supporting photographs; apart from the change in name from Nabugabo Community School to 'Nabugabo Community Learning Centre' all other plans remain constant.
The speed of construction was truly impressive thanks to help from many volunteers.  Judy is now busy in Kampala in her new role as Head of two primary schools. Many challenges lie ahead but she is enjoying working with the local staff. . I will return to Sabinillas on Monday for a week; I'm in the process of trying to close down the solar water system but the technicians are already two days late in arriving!!!! More news soon; a summary of all trip activities will follow in a day or two. In the meantime sincere thanks from the entire Nabugabo Community. You have made a significant difference. I return to Nabugabo on September 7th; the doors are always open ... please plan to visit!

Warmest regards, David.

Newsletter August 15  (click to download the 10 page pdf)

News May 2013

From: David Batten Subject: BIG thanks and news from Nabugabo

Dear Johan, family and friends at Rotary Marbella-Guadalmina,
I do hope this email finds all of you in great form. Over here, I’ve been cut off by floods for three days … I should have been in Kampala for a meeting on Sunday and still can’t  get out of Nabugabo. I’ll have to drive cross-country!
Much more importantly, attached lies an update/newsletter from Nabugabo. In so many ways, you and Rotary M/G were instrumental in making the ‘Field of Dreams’ a reality. You have made a difference, you have transformed lives … a simple “Thank You” falls seriously
short of the mark! Just knowing that such support is there is truly a ‘pillar of strength’ to all here. Please, never underestimate the massive impact that your work does to benefit others. Simply inspiring, uplifting and so, so important.
Do please keep in touch and simply visit us soon. There remains a most sincere open invitation …   “The doors are always open here at Nabugabo and a warm welcome guaranteed!”  When can we expect a visit?
With warmest regards and heartfelt thanks from the entire community here.

Dave at Nabugabo lakeshore and Judy in Kampala.
Two pages from the newsletter are reproduced below. 
NCLC Status Report Summary, August 18th, 2014
A) Sponsorship
NCLC sponsorships currently runs to 52 students out of 75 children. Enrollment shows an uneven distribution of ages/abilities which will gently be corrected in the future.  At present no classes are sponsored. The current sponsorship cost per student is £200 per year, the cost for sponsoring a teacher is £750.  For comparison, see attachment outlining ‘Children of Uganda’s sponsorship details.

B) Recent projects
1. Following the collapse/destruction of the 10,000 litre tank in June, new foundations are now being laid and funding sought for a new water tank.
2. Completed two store rooms, kitchen and library – shelving, painting, etc.
3. Fenced all new land area (1 acre), dug in plants between fence posts and leveled the land.
4. Increased staff salaries and allowances (phone/transport).
5. Purchased a 5 drum set and traditional costumes for 10 NCLC and community drum and dance groups who have given 3 professional performances to date.
6. SIS constructed 10 benches for classrooms and roundhouse.
7. SIS created the ‘Tree Classroom’ which lies under the shade tree, behind the store.
8. Renovated the sand pit to terminate termite attacks.
9. Built a new 3 room house for Mama Charles - made possible by SIS at a cost of 6,500,000ugx.

C) NCLC Students
1. Registration of students has been redefined for orphans and other vulnerable children.
2. Two students have left the school and been replaced.
3. Judy has implanted revised accounts systems.
4. Sadly, one student’s mother and one guardian died earlier this year.
5. Nine bicycles were provided for students who live furthest away from the school by SIS.

D) Volunteers
1. Michael Soutar revisited Nabugabo for 2 weeks in July.
2. Charlotte Vystavel (Brown University) revisited for a week in July.
3. Sotogrande International School (SIS) visited NCLC in early July for 3 weeks and achieved immediate connectivity with the community and achieved amazing practical results, from renovating the new library, teaching classes, clearing farmland, digging and laying huge foundations for a 10,000 litre water tank, building ten benches and creating a new outside classroom to helping fund to building a new house for Mama Charles, generating dynamic sports activities, offering health checks to children and leading a community wide end of term celebration … in addition to bringing most generous donations (clothes, resources, etc from SIS staff, students, families and friends.

E) School stock
1. The stock rooms have been inventorised and procedures put in place for withdrawal of items.
2. There is a pressing need for small sizes of uniforms and shoes (3-5 years of age) and rain coats/ponchos before the next rains in November.
3. School materials in short supply are specifically small and large white board markers, footballs and pumps, small balls, sand pit toys basic geometry kits. As always there is a constant demand for casual clothing, including t shirts, trousers, skirts, socks, etc, etc. See the Wish Lists on page 5 for full details.
4. Donations from the Jasani Foundation in June included 4 x 100kg sacks of rice, 2 sacks of sugar and 1 sack of salt.

F) Health
1. This July we experienced the worst health period in two years:   Ssunga Clinic/ Kitovu Hospital visits included: 33 cases of malaria (31 NCLC children – 2 parents/guardians) – see attached for names and receipt, 5 cases of whooping cough, one HIV/AIDS crisis (with extreme/severe malnutrition and pneumonia), one elder with uterine prolapse alongside other complications, several cases of bronchial pneumonia, four known cases of domestic violence, the death of a 4 month old child to malarial complications and one murder.
2. The present Health fund is 648,000ugx in credit.  Rental of the NCLC motorbike, donated by Michael Soutar and friends, for Boda-Boda services (motorbike taxi) generates an income of 48,000ugx each week. Plans for the future include purchasing an additional motorbike to supplement the health fund - the cost will run to 3,250,000 for one 100cc Baja Boxer motorbike.
3. 150,000 is currently paid monthly, in advance, to Ssunga Clinic.
4. The school clinic has proved to be invaluable. Stock now required includes: disinfectant, gauze (squares and strips), antiseptic cream, surgical gloves, arnica, optrex, ring worm ointment, throat lozenges, flu pills, etc.
5. Funds for inoculation have been sent to HUGE from SIS. All parents have agreed for their child to be immunised and this will be carried out early next term, after the worse of the malaria has passed.
6. Further consideration should be given to fund-raising for the construction, stocking, staffing and maintenance of a Health Centre II which would be located opposite the school.

G) Staff training
D&J have covered the cost of one of four terms for Musimentya Recheal to receive part time-training for a government approved course leading to a Certificate in Early Childhood Education. Last term Recheal received an overall grade is B+. We have known Recheal for 2 years, she is mature, reliable, responsible and also Tusubira Peace’s 20 year old auntie. Both Recheal and Peace live with their Grandmother in Ssunga. Charlie Batten generously sponsors Peace’s Secondary 3 boarding school education at Kymanya Secondary School, Masaka. The plan is for Recheal to begin work as a teaching assistant at NCLC in August 2015 when she will then slowly begin to repay her training fees.

Four teaching NCLC teaching staff attended the full day, annual Masaka District Teachers Association meeting in August.

I) Transport
The school has no car/van. D&J provide their car (and servicing/fuel) to collect school supplies, clinic/hospital visits, etc. Could/should a transport allowance be offered?  Alternatively, should the purchase of a dedicated NCLC 8 seater 4x4 mini bus be approved? Some funds would be generated by renting the bus out to visiting groups at NCLC, Sand Beach and the two other resorts.

J) School farms
The 2 acre plot now yields harvests of cassava. The 2.5 acre plot is planted with napier grass in readiness for the arrival of 2 school cows. The 1 acre eucalyptus plot will be ready for harvesting in 1 year. A half-acre plot awaits planting of eucalyptus saplings. Gertrude’s pig farm now supports 15 NCLC pigs with numbers growing rapidly and the dairy herd has grown from 47 to 64 cows.

K) Community developments
Isaac has been instrumental in creating three dynamic community initiatives, all of which are extremely well-supported by local teenagers and adults alike: 1) The Nabugabo Community Drum and Dance Group, 2) Football and 3) Netball practices and inter-village games. Financial assistance has been respectfully requested to enable the teams to purchase uniforms and gain allowances for transport to away games.

We also established a Manuwa Forest Protection Movement to convince the National Forest Authority (NRA) to stop logging the ‘protected’ forest surrounding Bukumbula village. A series of meetings led to threats of imprisoning local leaders for ‘Inciting Social Unrest’ from the NRA and police. However, peaceful democratic meetings eventually led to a Government / Presidential agreement that logging will cease forever– a great success story!

L) Broad goals for term 3 at NCLC include:
1. Immunizing all children.
2. Ensuring all children have National Health Cards.
3. Completing all paperwork/requirements to ensure all children have birth certificates.
4. The school is formally registered at the Masaka District Education Office. We must now complete further documentation for January, 2015.
5. Exploring insurance options for school buildings, staff and students.
6. Presenting a ‘Creative Thinking/Problem Solving’ workshop for NCLC staff, with teachers from other local schools.

M) Possible future points for discussion, amongst others, at the Nabugabo, October 2014, Huge Partnership Mtg:

1. Handicraft and Information Centre. Ways forward might include a community mtg (Including village chairperson s, HUGE Partnership reps, etc.) to consider viability in terms of: ownership, accountability, design, construction, markets & marketing, stock, staffing, management, etc. For background info, refer to notes emailed last Friday.
2. Police station. Kasozi Herman requests financial assistance (10m) to purchase and renovate the existing police station. Food for thought!
3. Internet access. Further investigations into various costs/options will be made in readiness for discussion the October HUGE Partnership visit.
Summary of Wish Lists
School supplies/sick bay wish list.
1. Uniforms and shoes, most especially for children 3-5 years of age.
2. Rain coats/ponchos for children of all ages (and staff?).
3. Small white board markers.
4. Flip board charts, tracing paper, A4 laminating sheets.
5. Blue Tac (impossible to find in Uganda), 4 wall staplers with staples, very long electric cable with male and female plugs.
6. A small electric angle grinder.
7. Early childhood wall posters.
8. Footballs, netballs (and pumps), soft small balls and sand pit toys.
9. Printer cartridges – Hewlett Packard No. 301 for both BW and colour.
10. Disinfectant, gauze (squares and strips), antiseptic cream, surgical gloves, arnica, optrex, ring worm ointment, throat lozenges, flu pills, etc.

Buildings and grounds wish list
1. Repainting whole school in December 2014 4,500,000
2. Furniture, paint and resources for the new class in February 2015. 3,500,000
3. Staffing:  1 teacher beginning January 2015 (per month) 250,000
   teaching assistant beginning August, 2015 (per month)   200,000
4. One photocopier (with cartridges and maintenance allowance) 1,600,000
5. One television  1,900,000
6. DVD’s, CD’s    500,000
7. School bus (eight seater)       20,000,000
8. Purchase of one Baja Boxer motorbike. 3,250,000
9. Early childhood teacher training for Musimentya Recheal 2,700,000
10. Construction of a Handicraft Centre – to be further considered.

Finally, sincere thanks from all the staff, students and parents/guardians at NCLC for your HUGE support and powerful forward looking initiatives. The HUGE Partnership and all its supporters and friends have made a most positive, and sometimes, life-saving, difference to the well-being and education of all the youngsters at NCLC. You have created a model and clearly made a massively positive difference to the lives of the children and community at large; please extend heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all those HUGE supporting schools, organisations, families and friends who have volunteered time, energy, effort and funds to help create a true partnership, between people of all ages and backgrounds, across two continents. Remarkable! Webale nnyo, nnyo, nnyo.

End of Year Report – November 2014

This has been a very busy and successful year at Nabugabo Community Learning Centre. In February we opened a third classroom and enrolled an additional 15 students. We have been delighted with the progress of all our pupils and would like to express our sincere gratitude to you for your support. Without your sponsorship these children would simply be denied the right to education. 
In addition to our end of year examinations (compulsory under Ugandan law) we have also carried out international assessment tests in three distinct areas, reading, spelling and an intelligence test, standardized for children from 4 to 10 years of age. 
Our goal for next academic year is to add an additional class of 15 young children to take us up to Grade 3; this is a very exciting time ahead and your continued support would be very much appreciated in helping to make this dream a reality for the children and families of Nabugabo.

 Report 2017

The full report can be seen here