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Mutomo Water Project

Mutomo Water Project

The Art of Helping People in Africa

The story began some months ago when Mikael Segelström of the Timelss Gallery in Puerto Banus was looking for a charity to support. He approached Rotary, explaining that they felt they had been given so much in life, and wanted to give something back. Rotary Club Marbella-Guadalmina rose to the challenge. Rotary is an international organisation with over a million members and a Swedish club had a project that everyone wanted to support. Their water project in Africa has gone from strength to strength and is making a big difference.
Lorraine Powell acted as coordinator between Sten Kvarfordh of the swedish club, Rotary Club Marbella Guadalmina, and Mikael. The gallery organised the event. They donated sculptures and paintings from their artists at reduced prices, and on Saturday 25th April, the auction took place, with an outdoor stage, drinks, canapés and live music.

The time, money and effort they put in raised the amazing sum of over 54,000 EUR, all of which will go to the Mutomo Project. It will help pay for a pipeline system that will take water to 4 villages, build two water kiosks and a giant water tank. Mutomo is in SE Kenya, where over 60% live under subsistence level. It is semi-arid and small scale farming is the main economic activity.  Imagine, if you had to spend half the day fetching and carrying that most basic of necessities, water. There would be little time for anything else. So the provision of water also means the women can help with the farming and have better nutrition, and the children can attend school.

Project description:
Most wells and boreholes in the Mutomo area have brackish or salt water. In Kithini (10 km outside Mutomo) there is a borehole that produces drinkable water. However the amount of water is not sufficient, so the population save water in watertanks. There are also some waterdams and catchments around Mutomo. But as the rain periods are not reliable in November and March, so there is a constant need of water.  With a pipeline system from the borehole it would serve around 3500 people in Kakunio, Muvuyuni, Kanzi and Syunguni.It means that they can have water close to their homes and women can do farming and work at home and schoolchildren (mostly girls) can go to school instead of bringing water to the household.  Around 1000 pupils in the Kakunio primary School, Syunguni Primary School, Eric primary School and Syunguni Secondary School would also benefit from the pipeline to their schools.

Budget for for a waterdistribution system in Kithini area:
1. Construction of pipeline extension (6 km) 30800 €
2. Construction of 2 waterkiosks   7700 €
3.  Purchase/installation of 10 kbm plastic tank 11000 €
    Total price 49500 €    This is the total cost wich includes transports, material and project leading.

Update from Sten on how the money has been used
Dear friends,
Now we have finished the project as planned. It was a bit tricky in the start-up phase because of many contracts with land-owners had to be signed and also  there was a change of water-committee. But they made  it in two phases and the result is good. I will send some more pictures when the kiosks are painted. it is a pity that Lorraine Powell not can come and vist Mutomo and the project in January 2016 as I had hoped. 
As promised I have contacted Solvatten to buy some Solvatten units from them for the excess money. In former papers I was informed that the pipeline was 36 km but that was the current situation. Now we have extended it with Phase 1 + 2 with 1,9+ 8,8 km. Just to be correct.
Big thank you, a Merry Christmas and hope to see all of you in April next year in Puerto Banus.

Selected highlights of Sten's presentation to RCMG on 7th April 2016

The Mutomo project goes way beyond just providing water:

Photos from the meeting, and from Timeless Gallery, who announced that they will continue supporting the project!

Sten  Projectleader and vice president of the Mutomo project NGO
Sten Kvarfordh , Lilljeborgsvägen 8B, 752 36  Uppsala
Tel: +46-70-3149278     E-mail: 

The Organisation:
The Mutomo Projects started in 2001 when a member of Uppsala Carolina RC ( Sten Kvarfordh) got the opportunity to work voluntarily as dentist in the Mutomo Mission Hospital for a period of 6-7 weeks. Already then Sten saw the need of water in Mutomo and from that his Rotary Club started to collect money to build watertanks in the area. Sten joined the hospital work for 5 years. After that, the projects expanded and started in conjunction with other Rotarians and Rotaryclubs to build more watertanks. In the year of 2008  an earth dam was built outside Mutomo thanks to a Matching Grant project with money from Rotary International. It supports around 3000 people with water. Today we are an NGO (Sweden Mutomo NGO) together with 17 Rotaryclubs, approx. 60 sponsors and 250 members.
The seven projectleaders in Mutomo have a salary and all involved people in Sweden are doing this voluntarily and carry their own costs.

Our main objectives today are
• water and watercleaning
• schools( newproduction, repair, kitchen, and dormitories)
• sustainable development with approx. 4500 members in microcreditgroups (Mostly women)
• Family planning
• Child foundation