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A Message of thanks from Lizzie and Phil

A Message of thanks from Lizzie and Phil

Saturday, 30. June 2018 - 13:00

Dear Friends in Rotary,
Philip and I are so touched by the love that was shown to us both on Thursday….
We can’t get over the lovely cards…presents and awards that you bestowed on two old Crumblies…..The last time Phil had an award was when he was breeding Cattle and I last had one when I was taking my Speech and drama exams…a long long time ago !!!!!
My key ring is in use already and the dining table is adorned with our fab cards…..

The Honourable Memberships that you gave to us will be used as often as we can come to see you all…This is the most wonderful Gift to be given…..  
keep up your great work …Your Camaraderie…..Your sense of compassion in all that the Club does to support others…and you great sense of humour….
Be Kind to each other and life life to the full…
Thank you all so very much,

Phil and Lizzie xxx

Ian Kuah presents the Honorary Membership
Peter Marmot presents the Service above Self keyring