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Meeting of 2nd February 2012

Meeting of 2nd February 2012

Speaker: Manuel Cardeña Gómez - Councillor of Welfare at Marbella Town Hall David Eweis interpreted. Accompanied by Ana Garrido - President of the local charity ASOCIACIÓN SER HUMANO
Mr Gardeña has been promoting the work of Ser Humano within the Town Hall for some time.
For several years Ser Humano has been providing hot meals daily to elderly and disabled people in the Marbella area who live alone, many of whom have a poor diet. The hot meals provided are 3 courses with a well balanced nutrition.

Over the past 2 years this charity has needed to expand its work by also providing hot meals to very poor families whose unemployment benefit has expired. The Town Hall now provides a kitchen and some funding to the charity. The meals are also inspected by the Town Hall.

Rotary Club Marbella-Guadalmina recently donated E2,000 towards purchasing a van for meal deliveries as well as donating a lot of dried foodstuffs. Mr Gardeña runs the Welfare Department which is trying to share the idea amongst other local charitable associations of co-ordinating their work to help needy people in the area. They already co-ordinate with the Red Cross, Caritas, the local police and Ser Humano in the project that Ser Humano is putting into effect, by studying the details of apparently needy people and ensuring that they are genuinely in need and trying to asess why they have reached this situation. The Red Cross go around the streets at night looking for homeless people and Ser Humano feeds them. The Welfare Department will help those with a right to claim help and will encourage them to write a CV which will be passed on to local companies seeking workers.

Ana Garrido is the star of Ser Humano and has explained its idea, of joining the work of many groups into one local project, to the Minister in Madrid who wants it to be used in similar sized towns throughout Spain.
ASOCIACIÓN SER HUMANO STATISTICS: 2011 - they provided 18,500 hot meals 2012 - they expect to provide 40,000 hot meals They are mainly volunteers but employ a part-time Cook and a Kitchen Assistant Budget for 2012: Bought-in food E80,000 (excludes donated food):  Wages and car costs E24,000: Donation from Town Hall E30,000: TO BE RAISED FROM DONATIONS E74,000.

Mr Cardeña's speech was extremely well received and he has arranged for the Club to visit the Town Hall on 23rd February. Everyone was very pleased to see Ana Garrido again.