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Meeting of 15th March 2012

Meeting of 15th March 2012

Justin Menchen, an expert on Apple Mac computers, talked about the development of Apple computer software and hardware and why this differs from Microsoft.

Justin has specialised in Apple computers for 25 years. He told us that Steve Jobs, recently deceased, the originator of personal computers wanted to give individuals the computing power in their homes of the huge computers. Bill Gates originally developed Microsoft Word for Apple but changed the program slightly and sold it to IBM, the computer manufacturer. Microsoft never made its own computers but sold its software to many different manufacturers whereas Apple has always made both Personal Computers and their software.

Computers containing Microsoft were cheaper than Apple computers and so became normal in offices while apple had a niche market in 'Artsy' businesses.

The big problem with a Microsoft PC is that it can get attacked by Viruses and Malware because the manufacture of the software is licensed to others. Apple make all of their computers and software on their own extremely secure sites, so Apple products do not get Viruses and an Apple PC cannot open a document or email which contains a Virus.

Justin stressed that it is essential ALWAYS to make a 'back-up' copy of anything on your PC and to keep this copy separated from the PC so that it is not lost in a burglary, flood or fire. You should always keep the original AND the copy or make 2 copies, for security, if you need to remove the original from your PC.

There were a number of questions about the data storage security of the i-cloud which Justin said is similar to putting your information onto a website from which it can be downloaded and uploaded. The Apple 'Dropbox' works differently because it needs direct internet access from a personal piece of computing equipment such as an i-phone.

Many more questions were discussed with Justin after the meeting closed.