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Marbella-Guadalmina shows the way at TRF event

Marbella-Guadalmina shows the way at TRF event

Tuesday, 21. November 2017 - 11:30

The Rotary Foundation (TRF) is Rotary's own and only charity that has spent over $3 billion in the last 100 years on sustainable, life changing projects. Rotary Clubs must navigate a strict application process to obtain access to TRF funds for their projects.  At a recent seminar in Malaga, Marbella-Guadalmina's application for a Global Grant was used as a notable example of how to achieve this. The Grant was for the Hagamos las Paces project - a peer mediation programme in Colombia. The two Club members responsible were Martina Spann and Mark Shurey.

Below, slides from the presentation by Juan Ballester, President of the TRF in the District, and a past Governor. He used the project as a example of how to make an application for  Global Grant.
To be approved, your application must clearly describe how your project, scholarship, or vocational training team:

  • Is sustainable — include plans for long-term success after the global grant funds have been spent
  • Includes measurable goals
  • Aligns with one of Rotary's areas of focus
  • Responds to real community needs
  • Actively involves Rotarians and community members
  • Meets the eligibility requirements in the grants terms and conditions

 Martina Spann presented Juan Ballester with honorary membership of the Medellin Club. As always, the event  included a celebratory lunch!