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Manacare update 2015

Manacare update 2015

From Joy Butler in Sri Lanka

Dear Ben,  dear fellow Rotarians,
What a day, these poor poor girls have been through so so much.   They were very afraid, this is their first time out of the Jaffna area, I guess they have only seen war for most of their lives.  They had breakfast, had a sleep (in a bed !!)  and then looked around at everything, I don't think they could believe their luck ...  I have taken some photographs and used a flag that you gave me a long time ago, hope that's OK ...  by the time I left they were very tactile, one sitting on my lap,  they desperately need love and support, they need to know that there is someone who cares, and ultimately I guess they need to know they are safe.

We have quite a comprehensive schedule worked out thinking that we will give them a day off tomorrow after their long travelling.   I'll send you a copy of the schedule and some more photographs in a few days. We went through the whole medical issue, one girl has fits sometimes, one has nightmares,  so we shall have to keep our eye on these and get treatment if necessary,  I have seen a local dentist who has said he would do a complete check up just for 100 rupees each (about 40 cents)  

Soooooo I guess they will start their real training on Wednesday.  The girls are also interested in a lot of other things which they will be able to join at weekends, i.e. music, dance, instrument playing, they are all very keen on netball ... Just to keep you all informed - you have opened the door to some very very needy young people here, thank you.    Maybe when they can speak a little English we can speak on the telephone and they can thank you themselves.

 I do wish you could come and see just what a difference you have made to these lives ... hope the photographs give you some idea.  Intensive English lessons resulting in them being able to give a short story of what they would like their lives to be ... where they wanted to go.    We hadn't thought of Geography, but fitting it in now as they have little knowledge of the world being so big and with so many countries  !!!   Anyway, here we go, first Swimming Lessons, and English Lesson photographs ...
God Bless and hope to see you soon