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Look at Me!

Look at Me!

Friday, 4. July 2014 - 11:00

Autistic children have many difficulties and needs. Most people know that they can feel overwhelmed by the outside world; some also find it hard to communicate verbally. 
After a presentation to the Club by Paulene Angela Nissen from the Autistic Assocation Angel Riviere,it was decided to present the Association with seven tablets that had been allocated to us from Rotary District.  Little did we realise at the time just how useful these would be, since there are several apps available that help children with communication difficulties, language development, and reach into their internal world through drawing and music.  Not only do the tablets have a range of programs but they are easy to use and can be taken everywhere.

President Einar presented Rafael Burdaguer, the representative of AAAR, with the seven tablets donated by the Club. Rafael's daughter, who has a doctorate in Autism in Children, had emphasised to him the great usefulness of such devices when operating appropriate software.
Rafael thanked the Club and explained that communicating with autistic children was very difficult and that they have to be taught all the daily tasks of life. This is best done by the use of pictograms and therefore tablets are a wonderful vehicle for enabling this. Computer experts involved with the Association have developed programmes to help such children communicate and Google is now working on a programme called ‘Look at Me’, which helps show and teach children how to deal with everyday tasks.