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International Cuisine Lunch Party

International Cuisine Lunch Party

Wednesday, 12. June 2013 - 20:45

On our gastronomic journey on June 9 we travelled thousands of miles to the mountains of Norway down to the plaines of Mespotamia until we reached Singapore - all during one warm sunny afternoon.

During this journey we tasted delicious salmon dishes from Norway prepared by Einar, Hunters soup from Poland cooked by Joanna, and maatjes herring from Germany prepared by Mechthild . We had Queen Elizabeth coronation chicken from Martin and most beautifully presented Swedish dish (see photo gallery) artistically decorated by Marie. The kebab and hummus brought back nostalgia of old Baghdad bazars and we tasted Ian's signature dish - Singapore curry. Many other national dishes and deserts decorated the table.

Everyone worked to make the afternoon a great success ... It was indeed a gastronomic adventure.
(If you missed the afternoon - take a look at the photos in the gallery))