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Dwarves, Dinero and Driving - A Car Run with a Difference

Dwarves, Dinero and Driving - A Car Run with a Difference

Wednesday, 2. October 2019 - 12:30

The mysterious morning mist at the start of the car run was very appropriate, since at that time only Hans-Jüergen Hartmann and Ralph Brenk knew what was to come. They had responded to a request for a ‘car run with a difference’ by creating the RCMG (Rotary Charity Motor Game) – which involved a road book, a quiz, and red and white envelopes for each team of contestants.

We stood by the cars wondering if we would be up to the intellectual and navigational challenges, since we knew we would have to answer a quiz in order to follow the road and end up at the lunch stop. The four white envelopes contained the quiz questions which told us the road numbers and direction, as well as giving us observation tasks en route. The red ones were in case of emergency if anyone got lost.

Forty-seven participants in teams of two or three set off at two-minute intervals, and miraculously most managed to discover the right way points.  The quiz questions were cunningly designed to be solvable by people of all nationalities – including items of popular culture (how many Dwarves did Snow White have?) and knowledge about Spain (what is Spanish for ‘money’?)  Some were a little more intellectual but our fears of being dunces were unfounded. In contrast, we felt quite clever as each new destination unfolded.

The observation tasks en route were a little more challenging since we were enjoying the countryside and each other’s company, while occasionally realising we were supposed to be counting overhead bridges or ‘no overtaking’ signs. It was accuracy of observation that allowed the events team to choose the ultimate winners, since in the end everyone arrived at the restaurant.

Lorraine Powell was route adviser and organised the restaurant. The route took us through some stunning countryside and alongside a turquoise lake.   As we reach an abandoned quarry in the hills, we saw that Claudia Hartmann and Margit Brenk had set up a pop-up café with drinks and snacks. It was a most welcome sight after a slightly challenging road.

More good food was provided at the restaurant, along with ample wine for those who were not driving. Ralph and Hans-Jüergen had also organised a generous raffle, so at the end of the day almost everyone was feeling like a winner. And all the money raised will be going to one of the charities supported by our Club.