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District Assembly - Cordoba - 5th to 7th April 2013

District Assembly - Cordoba - 5th to 7th April 2013

Thursday, 11. April 2013 - 19:45

Three members attended this conference - Marie, Johan and Linda. It was held in various locations in Cordoba. The first morning on the Friday was a talk about Foundation and how it works. The criteria that Foundation uses for any project are – transparency, sustainability, can it be monitored and are the results measurable. At the end of this meeting Certificates were given to the 2013/2014 Presidents of all the Clubs within the district. Marie accepted Einar’s Certificate on his behalf.

The afternoon and subsequent day’s events were held in a different location, where unlike usual conferences whereby everyone is seated in straight rows, we all sat at round tables. This was a reference to the symbol of Rotary, which is round, and to encourage interaction between the delegates. The round tables worked well. There were talks/lectures on a variety of subjects, including the need for greater use of information technology by Rotary Clubs, about Rotaract, about how do we explain to non-Rotarians what we do and why we do it. The talk on information technology included a demonstration of what is available on both the District website and the International site. However perhaps the most interesting talk was on Venture Philanthropy from a Swedish women working in Brussels representing the European Venture Philanthropic Association -

We attended the dinner on the Friday night. There we enjoyed a short recital by a classical pianist at the beginning and later a short programme by a Flamenco group. As two of us were going to the Ascari meeting on the Sunday we left after lunch on the Saturday, so missing the dinner on the Saturday evening. There was also plenty of time to make contact with members of other clubs. 

It was an interesting and extremely well organised conference. The overall impression we were left with was that Graciela Wien, as next District Governor, had created a very friendly and relaxed environment – unlike many conferences. Many of the speeches, especially hers, were very interactive with the audience. She encouraged the world to enter this environment.  Some passing Canadian tourists (Rotarians) saw the signs and came in to see what was going on. They were immediately made welcome, stayed for one session and were introduced to the whole conference.

It was well worth attending and we took home the belief that we are more than welcome to take up more interaction with other Clubs for both social and business purposes. The Foundation is there for us and District will help us to move our Club on to the next level by joining other Clubs in project work.

Marie & the President Elect's Certificate
Cordoba - Friday evening