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Dining/ Assembly hall for Ugandan orphanage school

Dining/ Assembly hall for Ugandan orphanage school

This is a continuation project following on from the water tank that our club helped to provide to the orphanage and school in the village of Kagadi, Hoima in mid-western Uganda.

At the school associated with the orphanage the children ate their lunch sitting on the ground under the shade of the trees in dry weather, however, in the rainy season everyone had to crowd into the classrooms which interfered with afternoon lessons. The kitchen was in a temporary shelter. Our member Paul Church met Father Charles, who runs the orphanage and also looks after the spiritual as well as the physical wellbeing of the community, in September 2012 when Father Charles was on holiday and acting as a Locum Priest in England. They discussed the needs of the orphanage and school in Kagadi. Father Charles told Paul of the great need for a well-constructed hall.

In January 2013 Father Charles wrote to the various groups that sponsor the school with a proposal that we could help to build a hall with a kitchen, "built in permanent materials". His idea was that this hall could be used both as a dining-room and an assembly hall for the children and staff. Also, when not in use by the school, the dining hall would be used as a multipurpose hall by the local community, for meetings,entertainments and conferences.

Father Charles sent a very detailed "costing" of the building work and told us that the people of the community would do the building work but money was needed to buy the building materials and employ expert design and supervisory people. Our club decided to support this project and the basic building work for the dining hall and kitchen was completed in October/November 2013, then our club agreed to pay for the kitchen equipment. 

The dining hall and kitchen came into full use in April 2014. It is now being used by the 250 children who attend the school, including 60 children who live in the orphanage, and their community from the surrounding area.