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Dental Mavericks

Dental Mavericks

Dental Mavericks was founded in 2010, By Tony and Cally Gedge, to work towards a sustainable oral health programme for children in Morocco.
Groups of dentists, nurses and helpers make organised trips to remote parts of Morocco, the Rif and Altas Mountains, to bring dental care to children who would not otherwise have any.
In May 2016 a team visited  Essaouira, Morocco, to treat over 400 children. This video shows their amazing work.

Click this link to see the Dental Mavericks Newsletter Winter/Spring 2016/17

Below you can see the welcome given to Cally Gedge at the school in Essaouira, a dental maverick at work and a group photo.

Trip report on Essaouira by Cally Gedge
Essaouria Primary School May 2016
Who – Association scolarie
Date – 26 may 2016
Where – L’ecole Primaria Ibn Khaldoun
After our 2 day project with the Eve Branson Foundation we were invited to visit Essaouria, the project was for one day to see the needs of the children, and then plan for the future.
We were so happy to get there and had a very special welcome from the school and immediately bonded with the group whom we were working with.
The first aim was to take the children out of the daily dental pain and then assess how we could work together in the future.
At the end of the one-day clinic we took 403 children out of daily dental pain
Moving Forward
The team in Morocco have suggested setting up an association called Dental Mavericks, we will put forward paperwork and a written contract outlining the best way to keep the oral hygiene working
in the schools. 
Cally has agreed to visit the area in October to look at the rural villages and to set up the tooth brushing clubs in the school.
The really interesting part is that we would like to work together in a partnership and we will be looking again at working with more Moroccan clinicians and setting a possible clinic through the year.
Also Cally will be returning with a midwife to discuss a potential for help in the rural communities.

Dental Mavericks work with the Eve Branson Foundation. Read more here

n 2018 RC Marbella-Guadalmina helped with 3600€ for a portable dental chair, 6,000 bags for toothpaste and brushes, and a fluoride programme for children to protect their teeth (it is cheaper to prevent than to fix!!)
You can see a video about this work here: