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Collective Calling: Supporting Vulnerable Refugees

Collective Calling: Supporting Vulnerable Refugees

Rotary Club Marbella Guadalmina has donated €4000 towards aid for Syrian children in refugee camps in Greece. The aid is being delivered on the ground by Collective Calling.   See more about the work of Collective Calling on their website.
What is this?
57kg Tomatoes      205 Cucumbers      30kg Onions      21kg Red Peppers      56kg Oranges
58kg Bananas        56kg Tomatoes       60kg Potatoes   72kg Courgettes   58kg Eggplant

How RCMG helps make a difference to the vulnerable refugees in Veria Camp.
A second donation of 1000€ has been spent on fruit and vegetetables.
Paul Carr, Collective Calling : "Funds are transferred directly to the supplier, ensuring we get the best possible price for the vegetables. Medical NGOs on site have said that health levels are starting to improve after malnutrition was identified, this is mainly due to the improvement of the food. As you are aware Veria camp only cares for vulnerable refugees, this is vital support that is being provided from the Rotary Club, you are making a real difference to the welfare of the community of Veria refugee camp."

Veria Refugee camp - distribution week 13th Feb
Banana 58kg      Garlic 20kg       Courgette 62kg     Lemon 35kg    Potatoes 60kg
Eggplant 57.5kg    Cucumber 216units     Pomegranate 67kg
Onion 30kg     Peppers 20kg     Orange 60kg
Veria refugee camp - distribution week 20th Feb
Tomatoes - 55kg       Cucumbers - 200 pieces     Pomegranate - 76kg     Onions - 30kg
Oranges - 63kg         Peppers - 21.5kg            Bananas - 54kg       Garlic - 20kg
Courgettes - 64kg     Lemons - 34kg           Potatoes - 60kg         Eggplant - 58kg
Total: 947.10euro 
Note from the NGO at the camp: "It is difficult to put into words just how important this type of sponsorship is to us, and in turn and more importantly, the residents of Camp Veria. 
The residents were really malnourished when we arrived in October and the advent of regular protein, in the form of dairy products and eggs matched with regular supplies of vitamin loaded fresh fruit and veggies cannot be underestimated in terms of the health giving properties. 
We have had literally 1000's of kilos of bananas, oranges, pomegranates, lemons tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers both green and red, potatoes, onions, garlic, eggplants and courgettes during this time. We have seen skins change from dull and lifeless to bright and vibrant, eyes from dull to sparkling and hair from dull and dry to shiny and healthy.
I have one message to anyone who contributed to this donation - thank you from the bottom of my heart on behalf of all the people we serve who are just in limbo at the moment, and good food is essential in helping us to keep their spirits up!"

Emergency Aid Mission Turkey

A widowed Syrian mother and her children. They are forced to sell tissues on the street to survive.
Due to the political situation in Turkey, we have seen a lot of aid workers and small NGOs steer clear for the time being, this has resulted in a great lack of support and the conditions are way below what the West would consider, human standards. 
As we arrived in the suburbs for our first day of distributions, the first thought that went through my head was that it looked like a war torn area, buildings had been demolished by the government to make way for new modern buildings, this will result in more locals and refugees being forced to live on the streets as prices are hiked. The roads were covered in deep pot holes, children played with bricks and stones from the demolished buildings, so many children are going without education.
Over the course of the next 4 days we visited 7 families that have been identified as vulnerable. The first family was of a widowed mother, she has 3 children all younger than 7yrs old. The house that they live in is ridden with mould, black fungus covers the corners of the room and the smell is difficult to ignore. The children aren’t going to school, they are selling tissues on the streets to try and make ends meet. By the time I had spoken with 4/5 families I saw a familiar pattern forming, the majority of the children weren’t going to school, they were either working on the streets or in textile factories.
The Turkish government has been given billions of dollars following the EU / Turkey deal, a deal that was implemented to stem the flow of refugees travelling by boat from Turkey to Greece, a route that has taken 1000’s of lives since the start of this crisis. This deal has been criticised by many activists, NGOs and organisations as being inhumane and arguably has caused more suffering and deaths. Every family we visited were not receiving a penny of government support. Each family that we visited, we distributed enough food for them for a week and also gave them a pre-paid supermarket card worth 20euro, we do this to try and bring dignity back to their lives.
Turkey aid distribution:
  • 2,200kgs+ (dried food)
  • 30 hygiene packs
  • shopping for 3 families (1 month)
  • 700euro pre-paid supermarket cards to 40 families

Collective Calling in Tanzania

After a lengthy journey from Spain transiting through Kilimanjaro, Dar Es Salaam & Kigoma we have arrived in Kasulu 9th June, which will be our base for the duration of our humanitarian mission serving the refugees of Nyarugusu refugee camp.  The ride from Kigoma to Kasulu was a learning experience of its own, very little infrastructure, dusty dirt roads, everything you can expect of a 3rd world country. How the cars survive driving on these roads is beyond me.
The Tanzanian people are extremely friendly & welcoming, Karibu (Welcome) we hear all day long, the sense of community is a great thing to see and feel.  Nyarugusu refugee camp is the 3rd largest on the globe consisting of residents from the Dominican Rebublic of the Congo and Burundi. Civil war has caused millions of Congonise and Burundians to flee to Tanzania in hope of seeking safety, the camp spans over a space of 18km from one end to the other and hosts over 127,000 refugees. It's really difficult to comprehend the vastness of the crisis here and we have been working hard figuring out ways to serve a proportion of the most vulnerable of cases.
We have collaborated with DRST (Disabilities Relief Services Tanzania) NGO that works towards empowering persons with special needs, over the course of the past days we have been assisting with the identification of these cases, which entails working from a list of previously identified persons, walking many kilometres, visiting their tents / hand made houses to gather more data which will help us serve the most vulnerable of cases.
I can't explain in words the amount of suffering that the refugees here are having to endure on a daily basis and have already endured for so long. In most cases, 20 years living within the camp isn't out of the ordinary. The majority of the children here are without shoes and the clothes they wear are ridden with holes and are filthy. This doesn't stop the children smiling and getting over excited when they see us, very few Europeans have visited this camp, which makes us a novelty, I'm happy we make a difference, even if just a small difference to their day. The value of money here doesn't hold the value as it does in Europe, you can buy so much for so little, the refugees here are lacking in absolutely everything, from the smallest items such as soap. One 300g cube of soap is provided per person per month, which is used to wash not only themselves but also their clothes. Food is rationed heavily, to the extend that a high percentage of refugees are suffering from malnutrition, it's truly heartbreaking. The smile and excitement from a Burundian refugee that helps us with translation as we advised we could provide additional soap brought tears to my eyes. For the smallest amount of money we can really make a difference to the lives of the people we touch here.
Over the course of the next few days we'll continue to identify vulnerable cases ready for distribution of aid on this Monday coming, please support the refugees of Nyarugusu refugee camp by donating here:
Your compassion and support is appreciated so so much, when you have suffered to the extend that the refugees have here, the smallest gesture goes so far, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

East African Appeal

We would like to extend our gratitude for your continued support in helping vulnerable refugees who have lost everything.
This month we shall be embarking upon an East African appeal and also cementing a 3 month permanent presence on Lesvos, Greece. The UN have reported that East Africa is on the brink of the worst humanitarian crisis ever recorded and we aim to help as many people as we possibly can, but we can´t do it without your help. For quite some time now we have been working closely with the camp manager in Nyarugusu refugee camp, Tanzania and the camp is in desperate need of help tackling Malaria and Anemia. We aim to tackle both of these devastating diseases with the following provisions:
  • Distribution of mosquito nets
  • Distribution of mosquito repellent
  • Implementation of a long term sustainable communal vegetable garden
More than a million people have been displaced from homes, losing everything that they own, to walk in search of food and water. They end up in large camps, where they become vulnerable to diseases such as malaria, Anemia, watery diarrhoea, measles, and cholera.   We need the collective support of everyone to be able to go and meet the needs of people who are in desperate need of our help. All we are looking to raise is a further 1,500euro to be able to go to Nyarugusu refugee camp to distribute lifesaving provisions.

Update from Collective Calling July 2017

In this update Paul Carr describes how mental health issues are now beciming more prominent in the refugee camps on the Greek Islands.  One young man was shot twice by ISIS and left in a dumpster to die. He survived but has terrible flashbacks. Yazidi women, who were raped and tortured daily are falling into coma like states. Collective Calling are starting YTT, Yoga Trauma Therapy classes on Lesvos, and there is no shortage of applicants.    

Collective Calling was founded in 2016 as a response to the on-going refugee crisis, when pictures of Aylan Kurdi, the Syrian toddler who drowned at sea trying to cross from Turkey to Greece, starting circulating throughout the news, we knew it was time to step up and help. Since then, Collective Calling have responded with emergency aid distributions in the following locations and we couldn´t have done it without the collective support:
Greece:   Lesvos, Chios, Idomeni, Thessaloniki, Foot of Mount Olympus, Foothills of N Greece,  Volvis
Turkey:  Istanbul, Izmir, Cecme, Rural Farms (Izmir)
Serbia: Belgrade, Presevo
We respond by deploying a team of volunteers on the ground within the thick of the crisis. Once on the ground our team identifies immediate needs by liaising with refugee community leaders, UNHCR and other NGOs also responding. Immediate needs are usually met with distributions of food aid, hygiene kits and vulnerable family support. It´s critical to be able to respond swiftly and efficiently when times of crisis arise, we are calling out to everyone that has had a calling to help those in need, to join us in our fight for Love & humanity, we can´t do it without you.

Registered NGO: 611510