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Christmas Food for Hogar Betania

Christmas Food for Hogar Betania

"Who is your treasure?"asked a Dutch member of another Rotary Club. It was clear from the conversation that they meant Treasurer, but this Christmas the first description would have been entirely appropriate.

At a time when consumer society is obsessing about where to go, what to buy and eat for Christmas, Ben Nemenyi, our Treasurer, was thinking about the homeless shelter in La Linea, and what Christmas would be like for them.

Hogar Betania is a remarkable place run by an extraordinary woman, in one of the poorest parts of Spain. It takes in the destitute and gives them the means to turn their lives around. It gives them food, accommodation and support, but little or nothing in the way of the treats and luxuries that everyone else consumes at Christmas.

Armed with some donations and the help and guidance of Martina Spann, Ben and Martina spent €970 on provisions from Lidl and Aldi. Martina contributed her time,  knowledge of choosing  the  best  products,  and  muscles,  to  help move  250  Kg.  of festive  essentials.  
Begona, who runs the centre was delighted, and thanked everyone profusely. 
This is the true meaning of Christmas and Service above Self.