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Beach Party Surprise Awards

Beach Party Surprise Awards

Thursday, 4. October 2012 - 11:30

At our recent Beach Party two awards were made to one of our members. The first was the Paul Harris Award for exceptional service to the club, and was made by our President Lorraine to Paul the immediate past President. The second award came as total surprise to nearly everyone present. Manuel Cardena, who is the Minister for Welfare in the Marbella Town Hall and who is known by the club, was at the party as a guest of fellow Rotarian - David. Immediately after the first award had been presented David and Manuel rushed to the microphone and Manuel, with the help of David doing the translating, presented Paul with a second award in the form of an engraved glass plaque in the shape of a disc on behalf of the Town Hall of Marbella. The inscription reads :-



En reconocimiento a
Por al labor altruista y desinteresada a favor de nuestra ciudad y lo más desfavorecidos.
Marbella, septiembre de 2012”

(Marbella Town Hall in recognition of Mr. Paul Church for his altruistic and unselfish work on behalf of the disadvantaged of our city. Marbella, September 2012.)

This award was greeted with great acclaim by all those present.