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Angeles Munoz emphasises the importance of the foreign community in Marbella

Angeles Munoz emphasises the importance of the foreign community in Marbella

Thursday, 4. December 2014 - 12:30

Angeles Munoz, Mayor of Marbella and a Rotarian,  made a brief visit to our Club meeting on 20th November to emphasise the importance of working together with the foreign community in Marbella.It is estimated that 40% of the population of Marbella consists of foreign residents from some 137 countries, so clearly we can make a big contribution to the local community. The Mayor thanked us for supporting Ser Humano, Hogar Betania and other local projects, and the theme of a Community of Communities was continued by Jose Luis from the Town Hall.  

He emphasised that Government funding of Marbella Council was related to the registered numbers on the Padron and that whilst the ‘officially registered’ population was around 120,000, the actual population was around 220,000. Government funding was significantly less than required, meaning that Town Hall funding of services was overstretched, particularly in summer, when the population more than doubles. The Town Hall is now aiming to increase registration by making it easy and accessible with a 'registration caravan', information in local media, and by word of mouth. He was hoping that our members would act as Ambassadors to spread the word. Registration is not income tax related, and registered citizens will have many benefits, including improved services and the right to vote on affairs of the City.

Mayor of Marbella visits the Club
Angeles Munoz speaking