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Aloha Interact Club Report 2020

Aloha Interact Club Report 2020

President - Adriana León
Vice president - Lauren Heath
Treasurers - Chantal Dominguez, Edward Martínez
Secretary - Majdouline Berrada El Aziz
Artwork - Mencía de la Linde
Faculty Advisor - Maria Iglesias
Members: Elena Ji, Patricia Malagon, Michelle Giesbers, Daniella Murdoch, Francesca Piscina

● TUCK SHOP - “Healthier & Eco friendlier”.
● Revamp the pricing & stock for the tuck shop in line with Aloha ECO committee: eco-friendlier, palm-oil free. Full cooperation with the Eco Committee included: introduction of Fair trade goods, removal of drinks with plastic straws, use of new recycling bins.
● Introduced the popcorn machine.                             
● The Peace Day bake sale, Be Kind Bake Sale - profits €500      


● Halloween bake sale & competition 1st, 2nd, 3rd prize. Profits: €300
● Present School Assembly on “Last Chance Animal Shelter Appeal”.    
● Collection of  donations of dog food and blankets.
● Meet with Sally - donation goods & €500.
● Thank you email from Sally Sanders:
“Just heard back, the money went in on 11th October from the Aloha Foundation. I explained who Aloha are, they are really grateful for your help so thank them from us all. They have done some good work; recently lots of puppies have been helped & new homes have been found. It will go towards vet bills.”

● Met with Anne Smythe - schools coordinator from RifCom. Collaboration with collection and donation of used football boots and ongoing project with a view to joining expeditions to Morocco.
● Meeting with Collective Calling, discuss new and ongoing projects:                                 
● Centre of Hope, Tanzania:  “He who dares swims” event in January. 
● Endorsed the event. Aloha teachers and students participated raising over €250.
● Special Thanks to Ms. Dry!
● Christmas project “Poblado El Angel”- “Be kind Campaign
● Appeal and collection of toys/gifts for children “ El Angel” community. 
November / December.                                               
● Christmas project: “Hogar Betania” Christmas Appeal
● Christmas Cards of various designs were hand created in order to raise funds for gifts for “Hogar Betania”, La Linea.
● Promotion and Sales to parents, teachers and students - profits €500
● Primary Festive Party -  profits €300
● Wrapping & delivery of gifts for Poblado El Angel, in collaboration with Collective Calling Christmas Campaign. Donated over 60 gifts. Thanks to Secondary donations!

● Endorsed the sponsored swim for the Centre of Hope, Tanzania. Staff and students participated in the sponsored swim!
● Thank you Ms Dry who alone,  raised €250!

● Age Concern (Orpea, Puerto Banús) - volunteers begin weekly visits!
● 7 volunteers from Aloha Interact visit the elderly to help with afternoon activities. Trained by senior volunteers, Aloha students attend every Thursday armed with songs and music for entertaining Karaoke and ‘sing song’ sessions. Activities involve serving tea and biscuits, chatting and listening to individual residents and general entertainment bringing smiles to many faces. They are the life & soul of the afternoon!

● “Hogar Betania” - Extension building Project: donation - €2,000 for the foundations of the new building.
● St. Valentines Celebrations: Sale of roses and chocolates - profits €400
● Primary Valentines Party - profits €700

● Be Kind to Animals bake sale for the Triple A appeal - profits €300
● Donation to Triple A - €2,000

Accounts for 2019 - 2020
Profits: €4,800
Donations: €5,845

● Assisting with Maverick’s dentistry in a trip to Morocco
● Collective Calling projects.
● Fair trade sale in March
● Donkey shelter -
● La Fanega children's shelter.
● Volunteers for Poblado El Ángel Summer camp programme
● Asociación Enlace EStepona - Etiopía.