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Aloha Interact Club goes from strength to strength

Aloha Interact Club goes from strength to strength

The name “Interact” was created by combining the words “international” and “action.”
Interact clubs are sponsored by Rotary clubs as a program of Rotary International. Rotary clubs provide guidance and inspiration, but the Interact clubs are self-governing and self-supporting. Interactors develop a worldwide network of friendships through exchanges with local and overseas clubs. Along the way, Interactors develop their leadership skills and initiative while meeting new friends.

Aloha Interact Club was inaugurated in September 2014 at a grand ceremony,

attended by:  RCMG President Labeed Hamid, the District Governor Antonio Navarro and his wife Maria Teresa; Graciela Waen, Past District Governor; Cristobal Garre, Assistant to Governor; Nina Jarlov- Benahavis. Labeed thanked District Governor Antonio Navarro for making a long trip from Murcia in order to officiate at the Inauguration and so showing the importance of this special event.  The Aloha Interact Members attending the Inauguration were then introduced:

Camilla Gentil (President) 
Anna Liisa Jalakas (Vice President)
Maxine Evers (Secretary)
Micky Geutjes (Treasurer)
Candela de Fortuny (Member)
And Guest/Faculty Advisor: Ms. Sanders.
The District Governor  gave a short speech welcoming the new Club and explaining the importance of the role of Interact Clubs as the first stage in attracting student Members to become involved in Rotary and its ideals. Interact Clubs, he stated, are essential in helping to build the future strength of Rotary; they help develop an understanding of the Rotary spirit amongst students.

Labeed went on to say that Interact was one of Rotary’s fastest growing programmes; part of a network of Clubs with a membership of 250,000 young people participating in more than 11,000 Clubs in 120 countries.  He explained that every Interact Club was expected to carry out two service projects per year; one that helps the school or the local community and one that promotes international understanding; such projects, big or small, will have a lasting impact on society worldwide. Interact, he concluded, is truly an international phenomenon.

Since then Aloha College Interact Club has gone from strength to strength, with a number of  projects completed and several new members wanting to join.  

Here are some of the projects, in their own words:

Collecting Clothes for Caritas
We collected eight bags worth of donations which were all delivered to the Caritas in Marbella.

School supplies for an elementary school in Morocco
By organizing bake sales We fundraised 500€ from bake sales. The money was used to purchase school supplies to help stock a new elementary schools in Morocco. In total we sent away 10 boxed filled with supplies and books for the school. We worked with the charity Rifcom.

Triple A in San Pedro
For this project, we raised funds of about €400 for the local animal shelter, Triple A in San Pedro. After one of the members of our Interact club board personally volunteered with the shelter, it was suggested during one of our meetings to possibly support this organization. After further research was conducted and a visit to the shelter was completed, our club unanimously voted to help support the animals. We planned three bake sales throughout the course of a couple of months. This included an Easter themed bake sale in April and a summer themed bake sale in June. For both of these events, we had Interact club members as well as fellow students bring in baked goods to be sold to the entire senior school. All of these events were extremely successful and were therefore the sole financial source for this project. Our final donations were handed over by the board members of our Interact club to Triple A at the beginning of September, 2015.
We were able to purchase over 100 items for donation, including everything from cleaning supplies, a large quantity of animal food and a wide range of other necessary equipment for the shelter.

We were grateful for having been given the opportunity to support such a wonderful charity organization as well as the 300 dogs and 200 cats who hopefully greatly benefited from our contributions. The supplies we donated will hopefully improve the state of the shelter and help play a part in the rehabilitation of the sick and abandoned animals. We managed to raise a significant amount of funds to support a charity that all members of our club are incredibly passionate about.
Christmas Presents for Underprivileged Children  
Caritas Europa is a catholic charity organization working in 49 countries. Their aim is to end poverty and help those who are unable to help themselves. Every year they collect presents for children living in harsh conditions and gift them as Christmas presents. Poverty is a subject which is often seen in the news and is recognized as one of the biggest problems our world faces today. After discussing with the club how millions of families are unable to provide presents for their children during Christmas or any other time of the year, we decided to help this cause.

The project started right at the beginning of November when the whole club started to make Christmas cards. For five weeks, all members came after school to decorate festive cards. During this time we also planned the Christmas market where they would be sold along with some Christmas themed baked goods.
On the 16th of December we set up our Christmas market at a Christmas concert at our school, Aloha College. Parents of performers, teachers of the school and students all purchased handmade Christmas cards and pastries from the stall. A total of 105 cards were made and they were all sold.  The entire event raised a total of 230 euros. The funds were used to purchase a wide range of children's toys. We also received help from the students in year 12 as they donated toys for the project. All of the toys were then gift wrapped and donated to Caritas, who distributed them for underprivileged children on Christmas Eve. The club donated a total of 92 presents.

The project benefitted the underprivileged children who the Christmas presents were donated to. As all of the children believed Santa Claus brought the presents, they were able to experience the magic and joy of Christmas.  It was made sure that the presents were educational which benefitted the children greatly.

Interact Club 2018 

The Interact Club comprises a group of eighteen Year 12 students who dedicate their time to organising events and activities to raise money for charity. They work closely alongside the Rotary Club, Collective Calling, and other organisations in Marbella and the province of Málaga such as the Estepona Etiopía project. Their activities so far this year include: various bake sales in addition to the regular tuck shop; a stall at the Christmas Bazaar; selling refreshments and snacks at the Christmas Concert; a festive end of term party for Year 7 students. Recently, they played a huge part in the BE KIND campaign and shoe box appeal, collecting and wrapping presents to send off internationally and delivering some personally to a local children’s orphanage in Alora. There are numerous future projects for this term as well as continuing with the “Be Kind” campaign.

People of Action!

On 7th March 2018, Lorraine Powell organised a visit to ACEPSA.
The Interactors were welcomed by Pedro Belinchón Martínez and given a tour of the premises. They were sutably impressed not only by the workshop facilities and accomodation, but also by the extent to which it could all do with some paint.  Plans were being made to come back after exams with some painting materials......