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Acepsa or 'Asociación Sociohumanitaria Mental' was founded by a Rotarian from San Pedro de Alcantara, Pedro Belinchón.

Marbella Town Hall gave them the old Hacienda de Toros, which has been converted into a social care centre with workshops. 
Acepsa works with people who have mental health issues such as schizophrenia and other psychological disorders, and is the only facility of its kind between La Linea and Malaga. As in other countries, the recent economic crisis reduced the number of mental health beds and facilities available in hospitals along the coast.

Set in natural surroundings, Los Olivares as it is now called, works with the patients to develop their self-esteem, integration into families and society, and the ability to work.  They have a number of  workshops on the site. The arts and crafts created there are sold to help support the centre.
Although Acepsa is promised support from the Town Hall, in reality this is not very forthcoming. Many of the buildings are in poor condition.

Rotary Club Marbella- Guadalmina last year gave Acepsa €4600 to help mend the roof, and this year (2017-18) will donate €2000 to help them increase their ecological egg production.

ACEPSA budget for 2017-18