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A Shipshape Rotary Meeting

A Shipshape Rotary Meeting

Monday, 11. November 2019 - 11:45

8 November 2019 Malaga.
On a windy morning in the Port of Malaga thirty or so Rotarian land lubbers embarked the Azamara Pursuit at the invitation of Captain Antonio Toledo.
President Mark was initially in deep water, having arrived at the wrong terminal and unable to fathom out what had gone wrong. Luckily, he was soon able to join the crew, after being given a stern talking to. Security was strict; anyone without the right identification would have been keelhauled; but fortunately all was above board and nobody had to bale out.

We were taken round the lounges, dining rooms, gym and sundeck, giving a wide berth to any paying passengers who had stayed on board.
Eventually we were joined by Captain Antonio for our Rotary meeting. He had a flare for being charming and almost went overboard in presenting Mark with a memento of the visit, but he wasn’t just fishing for compliments.

Our speaker, Myra Azzopardi from Citizen’s Advice Bureau sailed close to the wind in suggesting a couple of members could tie the knot, but in general she helped us plumb the depths of the Brexit dilemma. Sara Neil made waves by suggesting a date change for the Christmas party to a Sunday night, while Einar Askvig stuck his oar in, pointing out people had to work on Monday.  He also flagged up some points about paying tax, which were in danger of rocking the boat.
This seemed like the calm before the storm as some of the non-UK citizens were all at sea with the technicalities, but Mark was able to stem the tide and close the meeting with the usual toast of ‘Down the Hatch’. After that it was plain sailing.
The meeting was followed by a generous lunch with wine, on a deck with a swell view of Malaga. There was more than enough food to tide people over to the next meal.  Despite the unlimited wine, nobody got wrecked or talked rudder nonsense.  There was plenty of pier pressure to behave well. In the end, everybody had a whale of a time.
Thanks also to Martin Nathan for keeping us all buoyed up and on an even keel.


Great trip. Truly enjoyed it! Thank you, Martin, for organizing it!!